Alexandria and Warren

How We Met

We met 5 years ago at a ball hockey game/gathering with friends, I went up to him asking if he knew where the water was, he made fun of my small mouth and I was a little sassy at the time too so I didn’t mind. We started talking through Facebook and gatherings with mutual friends and then when we got each other’s phone numbers we texted non stop. We became absolute best friends, talked everyday and told each other everything. Then one night we were texting until around 2 am and he just asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

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I was totally surprised! My friend had told me we were just gonna hang out Friday night and go to a star gazing event later in the park. I kept trying to look up more info on the event but couldn’t find any, but my fiancé decided to actually create a whole Facebook page and newsletter for a fake event to throw me off any suspicion! We got to the park and then I saw candles in the arch way with candles in the shape of a heart and rose petals scattered on the ground, there he was waiting for me, got down on one knee, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

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