Alexandria and Salvatore

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How We Met

It all started when I was taking prerequisites to get into the dental hygiene program. It was Spring 2012 when I was sitting in my sociology course next to my best friend sipping on our Dunkin iced coffees. She happened to think there was this really cute boy in the class and after weeks of her wanting to talk to him, I said, “were going over there.” She sat next to her mystery crush and I sat next to his friend Sal. The four of us really hit it off. We would grab lunch in between classes together, play basketball in the evening and tried to re-arrange our class schedules so next year we would be in the same classes as well. The day I knew that Sal was a different type of guy was when I came into class one morning, feeling completely sick. I had a stuffy nose and I should of just stayed in bed. The next day Sal comes to the rescue with a large blue gatorade and some cough medicine for me. I couldn’t believe it, I was honestly touched that he did this for someone who was just his friend. Shortly, after the semester ended, Sal asked if I would like to go on a date with him. I was comfortable with him, but this was going to be the first time we hung out, just the two of us. He suggested that we should go to the Bronx Zoo. We went and had the best time. Sal was just like me. He wanted to make sure we saw every single exhibit in the zoo and not rush through anything. We ended our date by him taking me to the Cheesecake Factory. I have to admit, this was the best date I have ever been on. To this day I remember the green and blue strapless dress I wore. After that date, we started hanging out more and more. Sal was the kind of guy that always did things to blow my mind. He showed up at my house one night at 11 pm just to bring me a frosty. The day he asked me to be his “girlfriend”, I went over to his father’s house for a pizza night. As soon as we sat down at the table, I opened up the pizza box closest to me, and the pizza was in the shape of a heart. The top of the pizza box read, “Will you be my girlfriend?, or is this too cheezy.” So, that was July 16, 2012… now fast forward 4 years later.

how they asked

October 1, 2017 was the first time we were going back to the Bronx Zoo since our first date. It was a beautiful fall day and the start to my favorite month of the year. Sal said to me earlier in the week that he heard they have a new ropes course at the zoo. One thing that Sal and I love to do is adventurous activities. I was totally down to be zip lining through the woods looking around at giraffes and elephants. We get to the zoo, and similar to 4 years earlier, we looked around at everything. Did the thought cross my mind that Sal might propose? Well, I thought it would be a good idea since this was where we had our first date, but after I eyed out his pockets and saw no sign of a box, I just thought we were in for a day of fun for the two of us. After looking at all the exhibits, we walk down to this beautiful fountain.

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I mentioned that this fountain is so beautiful that I almost felt like we were in Rome. I noticed a guy in the zoo attire wandering around the fountain. Sal goes to me, go tell that guy to take a picture of us in front of the fountain. I was thinking, wow this might be the first time he ever suggested a photo-op. I give the man my phone, and walk towards Sal. He looked nervous…. Then out of no where, he gets down on one knee and after delivering the most personal and precious speech I ever heard he asked me to marry him.

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I couldn’t believe it. The tears streamed down my cheeks and I realized that there was no place in the world I would rather be then where I was at that very second. The celebration continued as Sal drove us all the way on the other end of Connecticut to eat at Ruth Chris’. This was both of our first time at this restaurant and we walked into the restaurant with rose pedals on the table and two glasses of champagne with our names on it.

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