Alexandria and Matthew's Surprise Marriage Proposal

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How We Met: Matthew and I met five years ago in college…well at my twin sister’s college. I went to LIM College in New York City and studied Fashion Merchandising. I always knew I wanted to go to school for Fashion but I sacrificed a college campus experience for the big city. Thankfully, I have a twin sister who opted for a traditional college university and I was able to experience campus life vicariously through her. I would travel to her school pretty much every other weekend. I loved how many new people I was able to meet, the football games, and I’m not even going to lie, the house parties were an added bonus. We didn’t have much of those in NYC!

One weekend, specifically Halloween weekend, I meet Matthew. My sister invited me down to her school to go to costume parties on both Friday and Saturday night! I was dressed as a Greek Goddess (welp) for the first night and Matthew was dressed as a…wait for it…Power Ranger along with all of his roommates (insert hands covering eyes emoji here)! We met briefly in the beginning of the night and went on to hang out with our separate group of friends. By the end of the night, my sister was pretty much over me constantly following her around, that she decided to push me right into Matthew! She knew him from around campus and through mutual friends, so she figured he’d be good for me to chat with so I could leave her alone. He was really cute, very sweet, but I didn’t think I’d see him again after that night.

Well…I was wrong. The following night I saw him again at another Halloween party where I was dressed in a completely different costume. My sister kept nudging me to say hi to him and I was wayyyy to shy to do it. However, after awhile I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to go for it. Through my bundle of nerves, I didn’t realize that I was in a completely different costume than the night before and after I mustered up the courage to say hi, he didn’t recognize who I was! Umm awkward, ha!

A few days later, he finds me on Facebook (through my sister of course) she had posted pictures of the entire weekend of us and our friends in both costumes! He apologized for not recognizing me and asked me for my number and out on a date. The rest is history!

how they asked: I’m not the romantic type. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love romantic gestures but very simple ones! I told Matthew that when he was ready to propose that I wanted to be completely surprised and that was my only requirement! I’m so aware of my surroundings all of the time, so If he attempted to bring me somewhere out of the ordinary for us I would have instantly known.

The only thing I do on the weekends consistently (besides hanging out with Matthew) is shoot photography for my blog Labels and Vintage with my brother! I get up early on either Saturday or Sunday and head out for a few hours to work on some new content. This specific Saturday, I was beyond burnt out from my full time job that I did not feel like getting up, getting dressed, and shooting. My twin sister has been working on a business project that needed photography and she wanted me to come with her and my brother to help out! She seriously doesn’t ask me for much so I couldn’t say no to her. Earlier in the week, I received a call from a local vintage boutique and they told me they were readers of my blog and really wanted me to come by and have a first look at private sale they were having! I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by going with my sister to shoot, swing by this vintage boutique, and possibly squeeze in a mini shoot for L&V. Perfect plan!

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The second we get to the town where the boutique was, it started to rain. So we collectively decided to head into the vintage boutique for cover and wait for the rain to stop so we can shoot. I was so excited to check out the sale and see if I could find any awesome pieces! I head over to the area where the clothing was, started sifting through the racks and….out comes Matthew. My first emotions were utter confusion and shock! I was beyond surprised. I had no idea why he was there, and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I couldn’t contain my emotions, I was seriously shocked and so happy all at the same time. My twin sister, my brothers, my parents, his parents, EVERYONE knew and I had no idea. So much for being aware of my surroundings!

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Everything was meticulously planned and my brother was there snapping away making sure we had memories of this amazing moment. To add to the surprise proposal, he had an entire day planned for me. We met our families for brunch at a restaurant near by, went to a romantic dinner just the two of us, and my best friends surprised me for celebratory drinks at the end of the night!

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The day was filled with so much love and with all of the people who have known us since day one! Love ones who have been there for our ups and our downs and continued to help guide and support the love we have for each other. I wouldn’t have asked for a better proposal. I’m blessed to have Matthew in my life and I’m beyond excited for our future together. If only I can relive this day over and over again!

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Photos by Darren Geeter