Alexandria and Matthew

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How We Met

It was twelve years ago when I first met him. I was only freshman.

We first connected through our shared love for the furry feline (in case you don’t know, it’s cats). But even before we connected he immediately noticed (sniffed) that I was using Herbal Essence shampoo when I came in the room. I thought he was odd. After all he admitted with no shame that he used the same shampoo.

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Then he observed that I love cat because I was wearing pajamas pants with cats on it. On further examination he noticed that I was also wearing a picture of cat on my sweater. He said he loves cats too. The first thought in my head was that he was trying too hard to impress me.

We sat next to each other as he proved his feline-fan claim by showing the pictures on his laptop of him with his cats. After finding out he wasn’t lying and we hit it off.

All before we introduced our names to each other.

That’s the story of how we first met…

and then the rest is history….

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how they asked

Matty and I are a Deaf couple who loves to seek adventures. We have traveled the world and it was naturally for this to happen at Jamaica. My cousin was getting married at Montego Bay, Jamaica and we had arranged a flight from Pittsburgh to meet my family at the island. It was so beautiful. Matty loves remote control products, he has everything, from cars to a drone! My cousin asked him to bring his drone in order to film the wedding on the island. When we got to the hotel, the room wasn’t ready for us and we decided to meet my family at the Pool cabana. He carried the drone in his backpack with him. I did not think of anything, my cousins were so excited to see the drone and asked if he could practice a little. To get the taste of what the footage will look like and I went to the restroom. When I got back, matty said that my family had gone back to change clothing for the dinner and I told him that we should do the same. I walked back into the pool area from the beach, I saw a drone coming by to my direction and the ring had sparkles from the sun. I looked at him and the ring was attached to the necklace that I got him. It was on the drone! The idea of the ring being on the cloud was amazing because that was exactly how I felt! The families were watching behind the shrubs and they had planned this with matty!!! From there, the rest is a history, and we are getting married in aug of 2018 !

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