Alexandria and Marcello

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How We Met

Six years ago I spotted Marcello in passing at our place of work at the time 2 years later we had another “romantic encounter “ you could call it that…. my birthday party at the casino, I finally had the courage to express my love for him. From that moment forward we were inseparable.

I ended up getting really sick within the first month of us talking & he was right there by my side taking care of me and spending countless hours, days &weeks on the couch watching movies while I got better I knew right then I was going to marry him. We moved in together, grew together, and fell in love. Almost 2 years ago we took a leap and opened a diner & ice cream parlor, bought a house and became a family of three, we found Atlas, our loveable handsome perfect pitty. Alright now y’all have a small backstory….

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how they asked

For the past 3 years we have been going to the Catskills every chance we get, sometimes 4 times a year. But we always go for Christmas & stay at the beloved Roxbury. This stay was the one that would change our lives forever! I was sicker than a dog. Our first two days there 103 fever chills, probably had the flu, Marcello was doing everything he could to make sure I got better, which is normal…. but he was trying extra hard to make sure I took medicine & rested. So we woke up Wednesday morning (12/20/17) and I finally felt good enough to go explore. We had my grandma with us who hasn’t experienced Palmer hill yet so we thought it would be perfect to bring her up there and let her see the beauty of it! We get up there after the 45 min drive and it was beautiful! We take our “traditional picture” and I jump off the rock, because I thought we were going to leave now….., Marcello pulls me back up and says “hold on a minute “ and I’m confused but okay….. he looks at me and tells me how much he loves me and before I know it HES DOWN ON HIS KNEE!

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I’m in shock complete shock, my heart is racing, butterfly’s flying, I just start crying saying yes, of course, yes yes yes yes! I forgot to even look at the ring. THE RING !!!! He puts it on me and it’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen ( if you know me Y’all know I’m not “typical” ) my ring, MY RING, oh my goodness I love saying my ring. Is a 1940 white opal, with eight diamonds shaping it into a marquise frame style, handmade, in the Catskills. Ah, how special right?!?!?!

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We spent the next week sharing our “little secret” between ourselves and I highly recommend doing that once you get engaged before you tell everyone to share it with just each other! It’s so special! Now here we are planning our wedding! I’m going to marry my absolute very best friend, my soulmate, the man who was made for me.

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