Alexandria and Luis

Image 1 of Alexandria and Luis

How We Met

We met in high school, but we started talking when our booths were back to back at our local Dennys in 2015.

How They Asked

After Covid ruined his plans (twice) he decided to propose through an Easter egg hunt with our two daughters. I got home from working an overnight shift at the hospital, Luis made me get all dressed up even though I made many complaints because I just wanted to sleep. His mother came over to record the whole thing on Facebook live, so we had over 100 people watching us. He had made a post letting people know what was going to happen. Due to the pandemic, he wanted everyone to be included in our special day. So each of my eggs was numbered and had a special memory, they went in chronological order from the beginning of our relationship to now. When I got to the last message it said to turn around, When I did he was behind me on one knee with our two daughters and he asked me to marry him! It was a very special day and brought to light in a time of fear and darkness 💕💕