Alexandria and Kyle

How We Met

I met my fiancé Kyle over the 4th of July weekend in 2015. I was visiting college friends in Columbus and he was back home seeing family in Cleveland. We were both flying back to NYC out of Akron-Canton, a small airport in between the two cities.

When I was going through security, I recognized Kyle from our time at Ohio University together. We had never actually met, but definitely crossed paths in class and at our favorite Athens bars. While waiting at the gate, we unfortunately never got the chance to speak with one another. I boarded the plane before him when I thought all hope was lost.

Since we were flying Southwest, they allow you to pick your own seat. I saw Kyle walk into the plane and luckily no one was sitting next to me as the plane began to fill. Kyle walked toward the back of the plane and sat right next to me as I had hoped. He awkwardly turned to me and asked if I went to OU (which he already knew). We then struck up a conversation for the entire flight, talking about mutual friends and our favorite spots in our college town.

When we landed, we walked out of LaGuardia together and said our goodbyes. He was so nervous that he forgot to get my number. I found him on Facebook and messaged him, saying how great it was to meet him. From there, we started texting each other each day and went on our first date about 2 weeks later.

Alexandria and Kyle's Engagement in Paris, France (Lock Bridge)

How They Asked

On July 4th, 2018 my grandmother passed away after a tragic car accident. On the one year anniversary, my fiancé Kyle and I were in Paris together, getting ready to attend Sail-Week in Croatia with my sister and friends.

My grandparents loved to travel the world together, and Paris was their favorite city. One thing my grandpa always wanted to do was to hang a lock on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris with his and his wife’s name written on it. After her death, I was determined to do this for the two of them while we were overseas.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France (Lock Bridge)

I was getting ready in our hotel to go out to our first dinner in Paris together. Kyle and I left to head toward the restaurant to meet the rest of the group. On the way, we are going to pass the bridge, where I was planning to hang a lock for my grandparents as well as one for Kyle and I. My sister was planning to meet us on the bridge to be a part of the special moment.

We got to the bridge and my sister was “running late.” While we waited for her, Kyle suggested that we should hang out the lock. I held our lock as we prepared to hang it on the bridge. He then said we should hang a different one that he was holding instead. He pulled a lockout that had, “Will you marry me?” written on it. At that moment, I was in complete and utter shock as my sister and a photographer appeared from behind. We then celebrated our engagement for the rest of our trip and had an unforgettable time!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France (Lock Bridge)

Proposal Ideas Paris, France (Lock Bridge)

Alexandria's Proposal in Paris, France (Lock Bridge)