Alexandria and Kamerin

How We Met

As crazy as it sounds we met for the first time ever in the 5th grade! I had been living in a small town in south jersey and attending the elementary school for about to 2 years when I laid eyes on the cutest boy I literally had ever seen.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Trampoline Park (Urban Air)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Trampoline Park (Urban Air)

I mean his beauty was so much I could have died. I was still considered to be the “new girl”, I was quiet with very little friends so the boy no idea I existed. Being that this was 5th grade I only saw him during recess or lunch and I spent the whole time period secretly watching him lol. Unfortunately, by the end of the school year, he had transferred to a new school and I never got a chance to talk to him. Now, let’s flash forward 3 years later to an 8th-grade graduation party. When this same boy (i.e., my childhood crush) walked into the party and I literally was in love. He finally noticed me, we talked, and from that point in it was history. This boy’s name is Kamerin and after 8 years of dating, he is my fiance!

Alexandria's Proposal in Trampoline Park (Urban Air)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Trampoline Park (Urban Air)

Alexandria and Kamerin's Engagement in Trampoline Park (Urban Air)

how they asked

Kamerin and I were on a double date with a couple of my friends from college. We decided to get a little more active than our usual being food and a relaxed activity. We all met up at a trampoline adventure park (i.e., named Urban Air) and did so many cool things ranging from rock climbing walls to obstacle courses. It was our third round of foam sword fighting when I knew I had to beat him at least one time before we went home! I inched my way toward him with the foam sword in my hand and hit him several times with no luck of knocking him into the foam pit below. Just as I was going to go in for more hits he dropped down to one knee on the balance beam and took my beautiful ring off his necklace.

I literally was like a deer in headlights, just frozen and speechless! He looked up at me and said “I love you” and nothing else. So he technically didn’t ask me but I knew exactly what I meant. When I finally came back to reality I hugged and kissed him a million times. I’m still in shock and can’t believe this happen to me in such a random way, but I wouldn’t change one thing about it.

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