Alexandria and Johnstojan

Where to Propose in El Matador Beach

I liked him when I was 5 and I love him now. We were childhood friends, but when we were 10 years old his family moved to California and mine moved to Florida. Because it was early 2000’s and pre social-media, we lost touch until we came across each other on FB in 2012. His last name was vaguely familiar and we had a couple mutual friends so why not? We started messaging and catching up and didn’t think anything of it for over a year. After another year of friendship and flirting, we gave long distance a try.

Another year later I moved to Southern California for work and suddenly we were together all day every day but it somehow still wasn’t enough. We’ve spent the last four years supporting each other through college, traveling as much as we can and watching oh so many movies.

This past week he asked me to marry him on my 24th birthday. We went to the beach with his family and walked up and down the beach a couple of times, with me being oblivious that they were looking for the perfect spot for him to ask me to be his wife. I was so excited I dropped the ring into the water, but luckily the wave was small and his reflexes are fast. I think they did an incredible job and I absolutely cannot wait to marry my best friend.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in El Matador Beach