Alexandria and John

How We Met

Our story is very weird i guess, lol. We actually met in passing on a night out. The funny part about it i spotted him at a convenient store a few hours prior to us actually meeting. I was too scared to approach him (he didn’t notice me at the store at that time) while my sister in law was egging me on. I couldn’t do it and i remember telling my sister in law ” If it is meant for us to meet, it will happen. He has to be a local!” and we went on about our night. Any who, later on that night on the way to a party a mutual friend was throwing (he happened to be there too) I see him outside the house and he saw me and our eyes locked. He approached me this time and it was the beginning of a beautiful, roller coast ride of love , lol.

Image 1 of Alexandria and John

how they asked

It was the most unexpected and beautiful moment ever. We were home and I was having the hardest, longest day in a long time. After going grocery shopping, we finally make it back home (he, our daughter and I) . We were having a really touching heart to heart conversation about everything. well he then gets up and circles the living room 2 times and then came over to me and got on his knee (i was sitting in the recliner with our three year old) , spilled his heart and proposed! i was definitely not expecting it and it was a beautiful surprise. (Says the girl who HATES surprises, he did a great job, lol)

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