Alexandria and Dillin

Image 1 of Alexandria N and Dillin

How We Met

During preseason of our freshman year of college (We’re college sweethearts!!)

How They Asked

Dillin traveled by bus from PA to OH to come see me and at the time I was 6 months pregnant and HUGE, but I was counting down the days till we would finally be moved in together and finally in the same state. He had been on the bus for 7 hours, and during that time had called me and asked to speak with my parents- he said he needed information about the stations and wanted to help plan for the family reunion we invited him to attend (hahah I know I should’ve known!) I picked him up from Columbus, OH in the late afternoon in the busy city and told him we’d have to run an errand to see my grandmother before going to see a movie ourselves later that night. We drove across town for an hour and a half to see my grandmother, she absolutely adored Dillin and told us over and over how cute we looked together… Then she asked us to run ONE MORE ERRAND😂 We figured “why not” and finished it quickly, but as we drove back towards home we only had the choice of a handful of midnight movies- I’m a big marvel fan and we agreed on seeing Infinity War that evening. As we parked the outdoor mall was beginning to wind down there were hardly any people there but there was soft music playing and the street lights were on it was so beautiful. Dillin asked me to pop the trunk so he could grab his wallet, and as my pregnant body struggled to climb out of the car and waddle around, I found him down on one knee. I was shocked to say the least- I mean I was bare faced, in sweatpants and I’m usually one to strive for picture perfect moments. But when Dillin asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, the moment could not have been more perfect♥️ When he slid that ring on my finger I was captivated by its beauty throughout the entire movies- hahah we had to go see Infinity War a second time because I honestly had no idea what happened! I love how personal my proposal was because even when I didn’t look my best my fiance still thought I was beautiful enough to pop the question. We are now parents of a beautiful baby boy and we get married in 6 months and all I can say is I knew when I first met this man during freshman year I already knew he was going to be an important part of my life and I’m so glad I get to be with him for the rest of my life.