Alexandria and Daylen

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How We Met

Our love story is short and sweet. I was born and raised in a suburb outside of Detroit. Daylen in a suburb outside of Dallas. Our worlds did not collide from a very long time. I attended seminary in Indianapolis where I met my best friend-Teighlor. Teighlor lives in Dallas and I being the best friend that I am would make frequent trips to see her! As trip after trip passed, I met a guy a named-Daylen Hanson. Our best friends had known each other of years and eventually our paths started to cross more and more. Daylen and I started to chat day after day. He finally decided to come visit me in Michigan and I can remember the feeling I had picking him up from the airport that first time. Mostly because I was so nervous and hoping he loved my John Mayer playlist.

Little did I know that trip was the start to our forever together.

how they asked

January 1,2017- We had spent our weekend in Louisiana for Daylen’s best friends New Years’ Eve wedding! (Fun, right?!) So on our roadtrip back to Dallas, Daylen informed me that we would be heading to a New Years dinner with friends at 5:30pm in Downtown. Sounds easy enough but there was a catch. I only had 20 minutes to get ready. Yikes! Soon enough we were back on the road headed to dinner. We pull into the NYLO hotel, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere but we quickly raced up to the rooftop.

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As we walked through the restaurant I began to feel the stares and excitement of the guest as they were enjoying their dinner, later finding out they were all awaiting our arrival for this exciting surprise. Daylen led me to the corner of the top deck overlooking the most breathtaking view of Downtown Dallas that I could just not get over.

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While I was admiring the skyline my best friend pulled out the plane ticket he had purchased from his very first trip to see me in Michigan. He began to describe that trip and his eyes filled with a twinkle I will never forget. Memories of our first date flooded my mind and those same butterflies filled my stomach. He leaned down,reached into his sock with only having minor difficulties pulling out this little beautiful black box out. He got down on one knee and changed my life forever.

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The waterworks were in full swing.

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This moment surpassed all dreams that I ever imagined. As fast as I could say “Yes!” I heard the cheers of all those around us, except some of the voices seemed all to familiar.

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I turned to see the most beautiful faces in the world. Our families, best friends and biggest supporters started popping out from hiding in tents and behind trash cans to meet us with teary eyes and the biggest hugs.

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Talk about ringing in the New Year right! Adding a top resolution to my list: Become Mrs. Daylen Hanson!!!

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Special Thanks

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