Alexandria and Daniel

How We Met

On 12/12/12, I was hanging out with one of my closest girlfriends after dinner. She and I met in college, and she had mentioned on a couple of occasions that I should meet her brother, Daniel. Of course, that night, she “forgot” her wallet, and he had to come to drop it off for her, and sat and talked to me for a bit when he did, then went home.

At the end of our girls night, I walked to my car and saw a slip of paper tucked into the door handle with Daniels number on it. I texted him out of curiosity when I got home … and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

On May 12, 2018, I was convinced I was getting engaged at a local botanical garden that Daniel made plans for us to visit that afternoon. I’m usually the plan maker (and am a wedding planner by profession!!) so I swore he wouldn’t be able to surprise me. I was wrong!

That morning, he said we should walk the dog before going to the garden, and so we did. When we got home, I stepped up on the front porch and went to open the door but realized he had the key. Almost at the same moment, I heard him say my name, and when I turned around he was there on one knee. I always told him I wanted our proposal to be intimate and not public, so our front porch (one of my favorite spots ever) was the perfect setting, and so special.

Image 1 of Alexandria and Daniel