Alexandria and Criag

How We Met

I wish I had an amazing “how you met” story but in this story, there wasn’t any love at first sight, sparks in my eyes, or fireworks. Me and Cj met through friends in high school. Pretty much how most people meet. Like I said nothing special. We’d always end up at the same party or hanging out in the same place, but to be completely honest I wouldn’t have ever guessed where we would be one day. I would tell my friends to stop me if they saw anything happening between us, but it happened, they tried, they failed and here we are 8 years later. In the past 8 years, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t go through trying times, but we have always found a way to get through stronger on the other side. We’ve created this life together, so special, that I wouldn’t believe it existed.

How They Asked

For the majority of our relationship, I was never the type of girl who begged for a ring or slid into his DMs with a million Instagram photos of rings I dreamed about. BUT as I’m many girls can relate when it got to year 6, then 7 and then 8… I was starting to doubt it would ever happen.

We would celebrate our friend’s engagements, go to their weddings, talk about our own but that was as far as it went. Little did I know, he was listening.. and when I say listening I mean REALLY listening. I always dreamed of an engagement that my family and friends would be involved in and that is exactly what I got.

Dec 1st I woke up, excited as ever to get our Christmas tree(my absolute favorite day of the year). It was about 6 am when my internal alarm clock went off, only CJ wasn’t in bed. I found him out in our living room watching tv. I asked him what he was doing up so early and his response was he “just couldn’t sleep”. Throughout the morning, he was acting weirder than normal. Now piecing the thing together I don’t know how I was so oblivious. We went and met my family before heading up to the farm. When we arrived we set out on an adventure to find the perfect tree. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, in my family knows how picky I am with a tree. It needs to be fat, but not too thick… tall, but too tall… and just the right shade of green. As we were walking, everyone was pointing trees out to me and just like that, I felt someone tug my jacket.

Alexandria and Criag's Engagement in Jones family tree farm

When I turned around all I saw was CJ on his knee. He began his speech when I noticed he had the ring UPSIDE DOWN. I couldn’t contain my laughter, making him laugh. I turned and saw my family, his family and my best friends all around us. Of course, I said yes. But it doesn’t end there. As a tradition, after we find a tree we go out as a family to grab something to eat. Tree picking can make you extremely hungry. Cj friend owns a pizza restaurant so it made sense for us all to go grab some pizzas. When we walked in the bar was filled with all of our closest friends and family cheering and clapping for us. Cj thought of EVERYTHING.

Proposal Ideas Jones family tree farm

At the end of the night, Cj told me all about his plan, how he was soo nervous he couldn’t sleep. He told me how he was rehearsing what he wanted to say in the car the whole ride up. He told me how he was fiddling in his pocket to make sure the ring was the right way and how he thought I saw my friends walking down to surprise me, and although he doesn’t think his plan was executed well, I wouldn’t have changed one thing about it.