Alexandrea and Jeff

How We Met

Jeff and I met the week after he returned from annual army training in California. While he was there my best friend had told me she had the perfect guy for me to meet. After some consideration I figured I would give it a whirl. After finding out he was a Devils fan (I’m a Rangers fan) and he was a cowboys fan (I’m a giants fan) I figured there was no way this was going to work out. I even told my friend that I thought he was cool but I wasn’t going to get my hopes us. Well, after 3 years, here we are! Engaged and planning the perfect Disney wedding!

Image 1 of Alexandrea and Jeff

Image 2 of Alexandrea and Jeff

how they asked

Let me preface this with Jeff is not the most romantic person in the world. So, here we are, Christmas Eve, sitting on the couch watching tv. Jeff decides it’s time to open Christmas presents that his dad sent us. The 3rd present he handed to me was wrapped in Jeff-style, aka a bunch of wrapping paper and duct tape. I opened the wrapping paper and found a “Bates” shoebox. For those that don’t know what Bates are they are uniform shoes. I opened the shoebox and BAM a ring box. I opened the box and immediately started crying. Jeff just looked at me and said “soooooooooo, yes?”

Image 3 of Alexandrea and Jeff