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How We Met

Our love story starts with three simple words “Man you’re short.” Those words were spoken to me by Tyler our sophomore year of high school at movie night. Three very short week and two more movie nights later after asking him what we were, he said the most romantic words ever “I guess we are dating.” This very story set the tone up for my favorite love story!

The in-between: After two and a half years of dating we mutually decided to go our separate ways. We had moved off to college (2 hours away from each other) him joining SAE and me playing soccer for my college. After months of not seeing each other we realized we needed to take a break and do our own thing, if we were meant to be together we would find our way back! Now in the ‘two’ years of us being ‘separated’ we were still the best of friends and were inseparable. Honestly if you asked our parents the ‘two’ years we were apart was really only a year because we were known to go on the occasional date together….

The Re-connection: Now those of you who know me known my favorite saying when asked about Tyler and my ‘friendship’ and when we were getting back together, was if its meant to be it will be. Well after two years of separation we decided that we were never going to find someone else that could handle our weirdness and that we never stopped loving each other. So a few days before Thanksgiving 2011 Ty drove over to my house to ask me out again and as you know the rest is history!

how they asked

After the ring the next step was to ask her dad for permission. It’s kind of an old ritual but it was important for me to be respectful of his wishes, but I didn’t want to do it over the phone, it had to be in person. So a couple of weeks after I got the ring, I had the opportunity at Alex’s charity golf tournament. After a long day of golfing, I went up to him and said ” Mr. Eric, I would like to have your daughters hand in marriage”. He looked back at me and said “Shit! It’s about time!” We laughed and then he asked “What would you have done if I said no?”. I said ” Oh, I was still going to marry her. I just wanted to be nice.”

Now that the easy part was done, I still had to find when and where I was going to propose. I racked my brain for a couple of days trying to think of our past and the things we have been through together. I wanted to find the perfect spot. I talked to a few people and thought about it some more. I knew I didn’t want to wait too long because even I was getting impatient. That’s when a light bulb went off. I would do it at the Soles for Cole 5k. It is a race that is put on every year to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Ever since we got back together Alex always mentioned how important it was for her brother Cole to be involved in the wedding. And of course it was important for me as well. Cole had a big impact on my life. Sadly we lost Cole a year and a Half before I proposed. So proposing at the run would be my tribute to Cole. Knowing that he would be present and we would be surrounded by so many people that loved him, made the race the perfect place for the proposal. So I called Mrs. Anne, told her what I was thinking, and we planned it all out. Right under Alex’s nose :)

The plan was for me to go up on stage after the race with the family and after everyone else spoke, it would be my turn. Now for those who don’t know, I hate public speeches. HATE! I’m not really a big fan of private speeches either. I knew that I would need someone there that I could look to for some support. So I called my best friend, Nolen. He cancelled the plans he had for that weekend and promised to be there. Now its the week of and Alex is already down in Newnan helping the 5k team with planning and organization. Nolen and I ride together. I’m trying to plan out my speech the hole time.

Using Nolen as a judge of what is good and bad. So if you think about it I really proposed to Nolen before Alex…. Anyway we met Alex at her mom’s house to help with whatever we could. The time kept ticking away and the proposal was getting closer and my heart rate steadily increased with every tick of the clock. With my increased heart rate came increased paranoia. Does she know? What does that comment mean? Is she acting weird? Am I acting weird? Desperately trying not to give it away.

I have to give credit to Mrs. Anne, she really helped me sell it. She told Alex that I should speak with the family at the end of the run since I have been apart of the family for so long. Alex looked at me and I pretended to be hesitant about it. And we left it at that. Later that night , on our way to my parents house, Mrs Anne sends a text to Alex says she was kidding and if I’m too nervous, I don’t have to do it. I said “Game time decision”. The stage was set. The day of the race, Nolen and I help set up like the good little helpers we are. Everyone is trying to act as normal as possible. Nolen and I sneak away every now and then to practice my speech. Just waiting for the end of the race. My heart beat racing faster than any of the runners. I’m doing everything I can to stay calm and composed. As the last of the runners are coming across the finish line, I sneak off one more time to get the ring.

I walk back and I hear the announcer ask the family to please come on stage. We all go up on stage. The mic is handed to Mrs. Anne and my heart again begins to race. While Mrs. Anne, Mr. Eric and Alex take the opportunity to express their gratitude to the multitude of people who showed up to support the cause, I need to calm myself. So I look over at Nolen, cause he is “supposed” to be there for support, and he looks more scared than me… What the hell Nolen! I quickly look away and spot my sister, she winks.

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I see my Mom and Dad, they smile. Ok I’m feeling good. I look back at Nolen and he now has his hand over his mouth and it looks like he just saw a ghost. Damn it Nolen! You had one job! I look away again and find people in the crowd to calm myself, as the mic gets ever closer. It’s finally my turn. I take a deep breathe, completely ignore the speech I had been working on and just say what was in my heart. The crowd erupted. I could barely talk to Alex anymore. So I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life, my best friend to be with me forever. My one and lonely (haha inside joke). The rest is history as they say.

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