Alexandra Rae and Erik

Image 2 of Alexandra Rae and Erik

How We Met

Alexandra and Erik met on a dating app called Hinge at the beginning of the pandemic in March. Alexandra had gone in to delete the app and he just happened to give her his number so she ended up texting him. One of the things that captured her attention was his faith and how he asked questions to get to know her. Their first date was over FaceTime where they both talked about their faith and love for Jesus. They talked on the phone again a few days later and Erik asked Alexandra out to a “social distance coffee date.” They met in the parking lot of a coffee shop and sat in Erik’s car talking for over 4 hours.COVID made it hard for them to go on normal dates and so they got to know each other very quickly by having a lot of conversations. After countless beach dates and phone calls, while Erik was away on fires, they fell in love.

Image 1 of Alexandra Rae and Erik

How They Asked

Alexandra and Erik wanted to go apple picking this fall but all the u-pick orchards ran out early this year. Erik asked if she wanted to go see the wild apple trees by his forest fire station instead. They drove out to Mount Laguna after Alexandra got off of work hoping there would be apples on the trees. When they got up there, the snow from the last storm was still there and it was absolutely beautiful! Erik took Alexandra’s hand as they walked through the deep parts of the snow until they found the trees. They were full of mini apples and growing next to some old barns. Alexandra had a feeling he was up to something but when he didn’t propose after picking the first apple, she started to think they were just on a really nice date. Erik knew she was onto him and waited until the very end. As Alexandra zipped up her jacket ready to leave, he asked her to marry him!!

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Special Thanks

Dani Toscano
 | Photographer
Sarah V
 | Hair and Makeup