Alexandra and Michael

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How We Met

I was a paramedic on an ambulance for a fire department, and Mike was (still is) a volunteer firefighter. One sunny day I was called for a gas leak call. Being a paramedic I don’t really do much on these calls. Mike happened to respond to that same call that day. He came to the window to talk to my partner, and that is when our eyes first met. That handsome firefighter sure did place a spark in my heart.

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how they asked

Mike and I had only been dating a year at this point, but we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. One day he took me to Jared and said that we were just going to take a look at rings. Well he and I put the perfect ring together, and he bought it that day. I was so shocked and in awe. We had a trip to Vegas coming up and I knew that there is where he wanted to propose. He had the ring box in our safe in our hotel room so I figured the day that the ring box was gone would be the day that he would propose. Days 1 and 2 went by and the ring box stayed in that safe. On the third day Mike and I went to both the Bodies and Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor. Later on, we saw the Blue Man Group. We had a picture from the Titanic that we wanted to drop off at the hotel room before we went to dinner. I thought he was going to grab the box at that moment, but he didn’t.

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We went and had a wonderful dinner, and went to walk the Strip. Every night we would finish our night off at the Bellagio, and this day was no different. Mike took me to a semi-private balcony to watch the fountains. The landscape was full of roses and flowers and there was a beautiful fountain at the entryway. We watched the last Bellagio Fountain Show at midnight. I told him I guess we should go back to our hotel for the night and he said, “Yes we should, but before we do that”. At that moment he got down on his knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket (yes, he carried it in a Ziploc bag the ENTIRE day), looked up, smiled, and said, “You know what’s happening… Baby, we have both had a lot of firsts in our relationship, and I want you to be my last everything. Will you marry me?”

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