Alexandra and Michael

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How We Met

On a warm afternoon in May of 2012, I was hiking in Zoar Valley with two of my best friends (bridesmaids Lisa and Danielle!) when a very handsome Forest Ranger named Michael approached us and struck up a conversation. Lisa and Danielle quickly realized that we were hitting it off and they casually stepped aside and walked towards the creek that runs through Zoar. Michael and I found out they had a lot in common- especially a passion for the outdoors. After a few minutes Michael said he had to get going and hike out to his vehicle on the other side of the woods. However, as Michael walked away he had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach and felt that walking away was a mistake. Once he got back to his vehicle he decided to drive over to the parking lot where he knew my friends and I were parked. He walked down the trail a bit and surprised us (and scared us a bit!) as we made our way to the top of the hill and towards the car. We talked more at the car and eventually exchanged numbers. We’re both pretty shy so it took Lisa to give us the friendly encouragement that we should exchange numbers. Michael texted me that afternoon and asked if I had plans for Friday night. Unfortunately I did have plans but I suggested we meet up on Saturday night instead. We met at a downtown bar in Buffalo, NY with our respective group of friends and spent the whole night talking and dancing. Later that week Michael called me and asked me out on a more formal date where we went to Niagara Falls and out for a nice dinner. And as they say, the rest is history!

how they asked

After four years of dating (two of which were long distance, one spent living together in NYC), we were back in Western New York for the weekend and on that fateful sunny Saturday in March, Michael suggested we spend the afternoon hiking in Zoar Valley, where we first met. Michael was acting very strange during the car ride but I didn’t think much of it. However, his behavior became even weirder when we parked at the trail head and he kept trying to explain all the reasons why it was a good idea for him to bring his backpack. Little did I know the main reason was because that backpack held the most beautiful diamond ring I would ever see. We hiked for a while and Michael suggested we take a break at a beautiful waterfall overlooking the creek where we first met. Michael turned to me and started telling me all the reasons he felt so lucky to have me in his life. Eventually he got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. After some pretty serious crying and hugging I of course, said yes!

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