Alexandra and Kristjan

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How We Met

We met through, as cliche as it sounds, divine intervention. When each of our plans to play sports in college unexpectedly came to an end, we both ended up at our last resort school. Neither of us were particularly thrilled about landing in Chattanooga. Things started looking up when each of us saw the other from afar. After months of secret admiration and ridiculously awkward interactions, we finally managed to hold a normal conversation with each other. We went on a coffee date that was expected to last an hour or so but turned into staying up and talking until 5 am. We learned about our families, passions, talents and shared love of Jesus. Each of us knew that night that this would be far more than just a coffee date.

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how they asked

Under the impression that we were helping a friend with a photo-shoot, we went up Raccoon Mountain to meet our good friend and photographer, Abi. I had a few props that I brought with me to throw Alex off. Abi began giving us directions for what she wanted us to do. What Alex did not know was that Abi and I had planned this fake shoot out weeks before. We were standing face-to-face, a few feet apart, as I began to transition into my proposal.

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I stumbled and stuttered on my words and truly don’t even remember what I managed to say. As Alex cried and jumped into my arms, I took my first deep breath since beginning the planning of this moment. Following the proposal we drove down the mountain and into downtown where our families and best friends were gathered and waiting to celebrate us at The Camp House, our favorite coffee shop. It was surreal as we opened the door and the ones we loved stood and cheered for us as we came down the stairs.

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Special Thanks

Abi Lewis
 | Photographer
Caleh Osbourne - The Camp House
 | Engagement Party Venue
Charlie Goss
 | Jeweler