Alexandra and Kenneth

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How We Met

Kenny and I met through a beach volleyball tournament when a friend of ours put us on the same team. We clicked that day, had a lot of things in common, it was just a very easy process to talk to this guy. Later that night I get a text from a random number (it was Kenny :) ) Complimenting how I played and that we should go get some dinner soon. Little did I know that was going to lead me to my future husband.

how they asked

He had me totally convinced that his Aunt had bought us this boat ride for because why not. He didn’t say much about it at first, but then later I find out that this boat ride is actually a gondola ride in City Park. Now I know what you are thinking, I should of suspected it the whole time, but he really did such a great job of convincing me that his Aunt bought it, only because she was bribing him to work on her house.

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So we wake up Sunday morning, get nice and bundled up because it was chilly outside that day, and head off to city park where we get ready to sail off in this cute gondola boat. About 10 minutes into the ride, we start approaching this bridge (little did I know this was his cue to start the proposal) and I feel the need that its most necessary to tell our tour guide about stories in the past.. cutting poor Kenny off from his proposal, twice!

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He then finally grabs my attention and I finally realize what he’s doing. As were crossing under the first bridge, that’s where Kenny got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I get wrap him up in a huge hug, I’m crying some as my face is buried in his shoulder, and I hear a lot of cheering!! I thought to myself, “Man, a lot of random people just saw this happen!” and as I lift my face up, I see all of our closest friends and family standing on the very next bridge to follow!

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I lost it, I couldn’t believe the man I am about to marry did all of this for me. It really was anything better then I could ever imagine our engagement would go. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this man more, he really outdid himself that day.

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