Alexandra and Zeth

How We Met: Karate class. That seems to get everyone’s attention. We were both going to Gainesville State in Athens, Georgia, and you have to take some sort of physical education class. All that was open by the time I registered was karate. I remember walking behind a young guy and thinking how cute he was. He had the best smile and the most beautiful eyes. We would always leave class at the same time, but I was too afraid to start a conversation.

Zeth and Me at a wedding

Three months later he came and sat down next to me in the library while I worked on an assignment. We started talking, and I saw him sign into Facebook. Naturally, I wrote his name down stealthy in my notes and added him on Facebook a few days later. (Had to play it cool). We started messaging on Facebook and later met up with my dog, Lee, for a walk in a local park. I think Lee sealed the deal, because we started dating soon after that.

I ended up transferring to The University of Montana not long after we began dating while he got into the University of Georgia. For two and a half years we lived on opposite sides of the US, but we made it work. His first flight ever was actually to come visit me in Missoula. I graduated in December of 2012 and headed back south, finally ending up in Oakfield, Georgia. We moved in together after he graduated from Georgia and got a job as a Special Education teacher in Cordele.

how they asked: For the last few weeks leading up to the proposal, I had been complaining to my best friend that everyone in my life was being incredibly sketchy. (She might have been on the list as well). Melissa came back to Oakfield during a break in her Physician’s Assistant school classes and designated Saturday to be a ‘girl’s day’.

Melissa and Me

The two of us spending all day together is nothing out of the ordinary, but actually planning it and naming it was a bit odd. We went to Americus, Georgia for lunch, shopping, pedicures, manicures and to have a beer before heading back to the plantation that her family lives on.

Her mom told us earlier in the day that we were going to a nice restaurant to celebrate Melissa doing so well in PA school so to dress accordingly. I tend to be a tshirt and shorts kind of girl. We got back to the plantation and waited for her parents and Zeth to meet us at her dad’s office before heading to dinner. Her dad pulled up with Zeth following behind him in my car. Mr. Brian mentioned that he needed Zeth and me to go check something before we left and that he and Melissa would go to the house to pick up her mom.

Zeth was walking slowly down the canopy dirt road, and I told him we needed to hurry up or else we were going to be late for our reservations. After walking a little further and feeling Zeth’s hand start to shake, I look up to see my twin nephews under a candle lit oak tree holding a sign that said, “Will You Marry Uncle Zeth?”

The twins

I started crying and said yes as soon as he got down on one knee. After hugging the boys, my brother and sister-in-law, we headed back to my best friend’s house to have what I thought was our previously planned dinner. I was surprised again by an engagement party under a large white tent in their front yard. The surprises continued when some of the most important people in my life showed up. Another one of my four brothers, my mom’s best friends, some neighbors, and of course my dad.


My mom passed away from cancer when I was 18, so having some of her best friends there meant the whole world to me. My dad, with the help of my best friend’s mom, cooked up some of my favorite recipes of mom. Kate, my amazing sister-in-law, brought down a caramel cake from my mom’s favorite bakery in Atlanta. As it turns out, everyone was being incredibly flakey and sketchy with me because they didn’t want to spill the beans. I have never been so thrilled to be surrounded by schemers and liars or felt so loved.