Alexandra and Zane

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How We Met

We met at work, I was coming out of a relationship and he wasn’t sure about a relationship. But we made each other undeniably happy and then things started to move fast. I knew things were serious when we had only been dating a few weeks and he insisted I meet all his relatives. Working together in sales was not easy. We spent every moment of every day around each other and competing against each other. But we made it work and knew that what we had was the real thing if we could successfully overcome that obstacle. We got to know and love each other’s families, and quickly realized that we shared a lot of the same values. One thing we decided early on was that we would always put God and our faith at the center of our relationship. All of that is important in finding a partner, but what makes it all better is that life is so fun with Zane. No one makes me laugh quite like he does. The ordinary moments in life always turn out to be extraordinary memories with him by my side!

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how they asked

Zane’s parents just moved to a beautiful ranch style hacienda in the country and they’ve got lots of gorgeous land near the Brazos River in Texas. Sunday was their housewarming party and Zane insisted that we stay over there on Saturday night. I really didn’t care to because I had a long day at work and a trip to get ready for. But I agreed to anyway. We had a relaxing Sunday morning before all the guests would start to arrive – homemade breakfast, coffee out by the pool, deer outside the kitchen window, playing with Zane’s precious new nephew. Zane went to get ready (in hindsight, it was kind of weird that he was the first one to get all dressed up) and so I followed.

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Honestly, this next part just happened so fast. I took a shower, did my hair, put clothes and makeup on, and before I knew it, Zane’s mother was pushing us out of the house to go on a drive on the mule. ‘He wants to go show you that big new house they’re building!’ she said. Not true lol. Zane doesn’t care that much about houses but it fooled me anyway. We began riding down the road, and that’s when my stomach did a somersault. Where were we really going? And what for?

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We weren’t going to a new house, and I found this out pretty quickly when Zane turned onto the windy road that led down to the water. Once we were there, he got out and started walking around the grassy knoll. I didn’t want to in sandals (afraid of snakes) but something inside me said I should get out and join him. We walked toward the edge – I was nervous at this point – and as I looked out toward the docks and the single boat going by, I felt Zane come up behind me. He turned me around and said ‘you know I love you so much…’ That’s when I knew.

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He got down on one knee and then came the best question I’ve ever been asked. I was shocked that I started to cry but not shocked that he did! First thing I said was ‘did you ask my dad?!’ and when he said yes, he took my parents to dinner last Tuesday then I answered YES! For the first few minutes down there I was in complete shock. I kept wondering is this real, are you joking, do you really want to marry me, who all knows about this, etc. We shared a champagne toast, which definitely took the edge off. Zane said it was never a housewarming party that we were having. It was an engagement party all along!

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We drove back up to see Zane’s family, I cried all over again when I saw my future in -laws! And again when I saw my parents and close friends. It definitely took me some time to realize that no, none of this was a joke and yes, it was all really real! Everything was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Lindsey Weitzel
 | Photographer