Alexandra and Zachary

How We Met

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Jericho, Zachary and Alexandra met one night over a game of Life and some Baskin and Robbins. From there, a friendship was born and over time Zachary started to develop strong feelings for Alexandra. He spoke to mutual friends who advised him to begin to woo her, but this was to no avail. Alexandra played hard to get for a YEAR AND A HALF! How would a gaming geologist win a theatre/disney lover’s heart?! Finally, on a sunny day in August, Zachary took a ride to Kings Park to see Alexandra’s show. (It was so sweet! She wasn’t even in it, she was stage crew!!) After the show, Alexandra went over to thank Zachary for supporting her. In the ultimate expression of true love, standing under a beautiful tree, Zachary dipped her and kissed her and left for home. Of course, Alexandra had been swept off her feet and her and Zachary became “official” on August 12th, 2009. For the past 6 1/2 years, Alexandra and Zachary have experienced love through long-distance, many theatrical performances, a masters program, new career opportunities, searching for their first home together, and moving into a lovely condo in Lynbrook! Zach decided in November of 2016 that he was gunna put a ring on it! Click on the next story to read about the proposal!

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how they asked

This took a lot of planning on Zachary’s part! In February 2015, Stacey Levine went to a sleepover at the Museum of Natural History with her then-boyfriend Andrew. Alexandra loved the idea so much she begged Zachary to take her, but he was adamant about the cost, and refused her request. In October, Zachary was wondering about how to propose to Alexandra, and suddenly thought once again about the sleepover. After a bit of research and scheduling, he finally purchased tickets to the Museum. The scene was set. Next requirement was the prop. Zachary contacted Alexandra’s Uncle Harry regarding the family stone and setting. After much back-and-forth over when to meet, Zachary was finally able to meet up with Harry while Alexandra was in Nashville with her brother and mother. The prop was purchased. Now since November, Zachary had been telling Alexandra that he had purchased tickets for February 13th. He told her they were expensive, enough to count for both Christmas/Hanukkah, as well as Valentine’s Day. In December on Christmas Day, Zachary told Alexandra that he was unable to tell her what the tickets were for. Alexandra was extremely irate. As the day got closer, Alexandra became more insistent on knowing the details of the night, of which Zachary politely, but firmly, refused. Throughout January, Zachary mentioned that he required a sleeping bag for his plan, of which his cousin Kelly willingly provided. The weekend before, Zachary did laundry at his mother’s house. There he took his sleeping bag, the borrowed sleeping bag, and clothing for both himself and Alexandra, and put them into black plastic bags in the backseat of his car. He collected the rest of the items (medicine, toothpaste, etc.) covertly throughout the week, up until the morning of the big event. The night before, Alexandra and Zachary went through what she should wear that night, going from one outfit to the next. Zachary told her to dress nicely, as if they were going out to the theater. This was because Zachary remembered Alexandra requesting that when he did propose, that she be dressed for photographs. . That day, Alexandra had her last performance of the play, Cinderella, in which she played an evil stepsister. Zachary went to see his love in the play, with the intention of leaving from the play to the museum. Unexpectedly, the show ran shorter then normal and they had time to kill which was spent back at home. Finally Zachary told Alexandra it was time to go, but before they could leave he had four rules she had to follow: 1) Do not doubt me 2) Do not get angry at me 3) Enjoy yourself 4) If you figure out what we are doing, then please don’t tell me, because I like to think I am clever To all of which she readily agreed. Throughout their drive, Alexandra kept asking where they were having dinner, why they were driving uptown, why they were near the museum. Until, they pulled into the garage at the museum and she heard the question, “You here for the sleepover?” Her mouth dropped open, she couldn’t believe that she was getting to participate in “A Night At the Museum Sleepover”! After a delicious dinner, touring a nearly empty museum, and setting up their cots, Alexandra wanted to get into her pajamas and get comfortable. Zachary said he wanted to stay dressed up a little while longer and head over to the Planetarium before it got crowded for the showing. They walked underneath and weighed themselves on different planets. Finally, they got to the star section and Zachary was teaching her all she needed to know about stars, and suddenly switched the conversation to a poem he wrote for her. Alexandra was getting a little suspicious and then he shocked her by ending the poem with, “Will you marry me?” She sobbed uncontrollably and in her typical way took a long time to say, YES!

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