Alexandra and Vince

Alexandra and Vince's Engagement in Hollywood, CA

How We Met

Vinny and I met during our Freshman year in college while we were attending the University of Iowa. We lived in the same dorm building (shoutout Rienow Hall for the hook-up!), I was living on the first floor and he was on the fifth!

One day, myself and two other girls from my floor decided to go walk the halls and meet some of our neighbors. Vinny had left the door to his room wide open and was lounging about in his room shirtless. He naturally caught my eye and I immediately took a hard right into his room to start up a conversation. Keep in mind this was 2010 and “Jersey Shore” was in the height of its popularity, and I was looking for my own fist-pumping Guido. After, about an hour of conversation we left his room and I friended him on Facebook that night, and the rest was history!

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how they asked

Vinny and I are originally from the Chicago suburbs, but we have now lived in Los Angeles for nearly two years. The proposal took place in our new city, but with some familiar faces. Vinny made sure that my best friend and her fiance were a part of our day!

I had known prior to the engagement day that our friends were flying in from Chicago for the weekend, but they claimed they were not arriving till Midnight on Friday night. Vince said that we were going to a dinner with his co-workers and that he would send an Uber to pick me up so I could meet him at his boss’s house in Hollywood, but assured me that we would pick up our friends from theairport later that evening.

I hopped into an Uber to meet Vinny in Hollywood, and was buzzed into his “boss’s” apartment building. I got to the door and could hear the faint sound of a violin, which I thought was super weird, but I knocked anyway. After about 30 seconds, I let myself in the door and a trail of flower petals lit by candles lead up to a spiral staircase. I followed the trail and took the stairs, he was the first thing I saw when I reached the top of the stairs and I immediately burst into tears. At this point I practically blacked out since I was so excited/nervous, but I obviously remember him getting down on one knee and saying YES! Our friends were hiding in the corner and live streaming the entire proposal for all of our friends and family back home in Chicago. OH, and he also had the violinist playing BRITNEY SPEARS (my queen & savior).

We then took to the outdoor balcony to take photos and pop some champs with an incredible view of Hollywood!

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