Alexandra and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I had been acquaintances for quite a while before we started dating in January of 2013. We had friends in common and would see each other from time to time.. both just a little too shy to approach the other.. and maybe the timing was never quite right either. I can remember seeing him from across a room and thinking to myself “goodness, he is good looking!” and come to find out he was doing the same thing as he stole glaces of me. He tells me that he has always thought there was something special about me.. even long before we had spoken to one another.

The years went by, but our story was far from over. We ended up reconnecting.. well actually connecting for the first time, on a big group vacation! We spent time together, began to get to know one another and were truly sad to see each other go at the end of the vacation (he lived in Texas and I in Florida).

I think that we both knew from the very beginning that we had something extremely special, something worth holding on to even with the physical distance between us. We stayed in touch, I went to visit him a few times, and we “officially” started dating. I don’t think long distance could ever be easy, but neither of us had even the slightest doubt we were put on this earth for one another.. so we made it through just about a year! Travis eventually flew to Florida, we packed up my jeep, and headed to Texas together… finally!!

how they asked

Travis had been talking about going camping for months. We both have an affinity for doing anything outdoors and camping, but with our crazy schedules we hadn’t made the time to go camping together. So Travis was determined to get us out camping! We got a tent for Christmas and Travis got me a lightweight camping hammock. We collected the rest of the things we would need for a cold weather camping trip and packed it all into the jeep. I was so excited!! We headed out to Turner Falls, OK on a Monday and set up camp inside the park right on the crystal clear river.. It was so beautiful and peaceful! We stayed warm in our tent despite the below freezing temperatures and woke up the next morning to fresh deer tracks not even two feet from our tent door! We made coffee at our campsite and then drove into the tiny town of Davis, OK for breakfast. When we got back to our camp we decided to spend the rest of the day hiking all throughout the park and end up down by the big waterfall. We took our time and explored, even packed our lunch and ate it down by the river. It was cold, but it was a beautiful and sunny day! When we made it down to the bottom of the waterfall and we just sat and took it all in for quite a while. We had been taking pictures all along the way and Travis had been capturing some videos with his new GoPro, so I didn’t think there was anything strange (other than his shaking hands) about him wanting to set up my iphone to take a timer picture of us in front of the waterfall (Little did I know he actually set up his GoPro and my iphone to record a video). He came and stood beside me and I grinned for what I thought was a photo. He counted down the timer and when he got to zero he gave me a kiss and started to get down on one knee!! I was in shock as he pulled a ring box out of his pocket and told me he wanted to spend forever together! He used my full fame, asked me to marry him and put the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger!

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