Alexandra and Thomas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Vienna, Austria

How We Met

Just like all great millennial love stories, we met on the wonderful world-wide app called Hinge. I was too nervous to ever actually match with anyone, and I specifically remember denying a match with him because I denied a match with everyone. Somehow he popped back into my inbox, and I accepted his request. Crazy romantic, right? I know. Anyways, he was my first online date ever, and I wasn’t sure if I was willing to meet up with him seeing as he could totally catfish me. Nonetheless, my gut pushed me to accept his invitation to go on a date. It was Memorial Day Weekend 2018, and I was new to the Charlotte area. He suggested we meet at a brewery, which I was fine with because it was a very public place. We got there, and I saw this very tall, 6’4 man, and was like dang he’s cute… then realized, “Oh man, that’s my date!” Fast forward – what was supposed to be a short brewery date at 3 o’clock in the afternoon turned into us getting dinner, him meeting my dog, and us talking until midnight. After that day, we were basically inseparable. Since that moment, we’ve traveled to over 7 countries together, moved in with each other, laughed, cried, started new businesses, adopted another fur baby, and decided on our forever together. He’s truly my person, and I thank the Lord that Hinge was brought into my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have met him when I did!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Vienna, Austria

How They Asked

I’ll start by noting that Thomas is the logical, calm, cool, collected person that I aspire to be like. That being said, I am the clumsy, anxious creative that needs to be reeled in at times. We complement each other perfectly. He is the type of person who makes a plan or commitment and sticks with it. And let’s just say his proposal did not go according to plan. Let’s rewind – we were headed to our two-week European trip (we like to go to Europe for a few weeks every year cause #TravelBugs) with my parents. We had just enjoyed a long layover in England and were heading to our first destination – Vienna, Austria. We landed, hit up the pub across from our BnB, and then came back to rest up for an adventurous next day. While getting ready around 10 am the next morning, my mom started panicking that she lost the credit card she had in her purse. Fast forward, she was in full-blown FREAK OUT mode.

I mean the whole shebang – crying, dry heaving, hysterical. Like it was JUST a credit card, mom… calm down! Needless to say, things were escalating very quickly. Thomas calmly asked my mom to join us in the living room, where he popped the question. APPARENTLY, the credit card was code for an engagement ring – no wonder she was panicking! She thought she had lost it, and rather than losing his future mother-in-law to a heart attack over a missing ring, he figured he would propose since it was getting increasingly harder to hide the fact. After crying tears of joy, because the man of my dreams proposed, I ended up finding the ring box. Crisis averted.

Now let’s fast-forward again, I had told Thomas we could go through with his planned proposal since I didn’t know when the ring looked like or where it was going to happen. We ended up at the Belvedere Gardens, where we were looking at a beautiful castle. I turned around and he was on one knee with the most GORGEOUS ring I’ve ever seen. He had hired a photographer, and I cried like a baby even after being asked the second time. After everything was said and done, I laughed because, even though he’s a man who likes to stick with a plan, we had our own special proposal story. Plus, he could guarantee I wanted to marry him since I had time to think about it before he asked me a second time. ;) Needless to say, we enjoyed a 2-week trip of being newly engaged.