Alexandra and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I went to college together and knew one another all 4 years, but our senior year we became best friends. We bonded over our mutual love of reading, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Disney. We clicked with each other so well and never got tired of one another’s company. I had a huge crush on him all year, but I was pretty much in the friend zone. He referred to me as one of his “bros” and would high-five me and back slap me the same way he did to his roommates. He had no clue that I was pining away for him, wishing that he could be mine. Towards the end of the year, we went on a school trip to NYC with a group of friends. We sat together on the bus ride and he realized on the way there that he wanted to hold my hand. Then he got sad that I wanted to stay with all of our friends in the city instead of walking through Central Park just the two of us. The next day, Steven finally kissed me and we started dating. He asked me to be his girlfriend by writing it on a bookmark and leaving it in my dorm room. That summer, we went on our first trip to Walt Disney World together and I told him that I loved him for the first time on top of the train station at the Magic Kingdom overlooking the castle. On our next trip, he told me he loved me in the same place. It became our “special spot,” and always will be.

How They Asked

We both come from “Disney Families,” and that summer I accompanied his family on their annual trip to Walt Disney World. On the last night of the trip, he and I went up to the Train Station at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom with a view of Main Street USA and Cinderella’s Castle and I told him that I loved him for the first time. Since that moment, the Train Station has become our “special spot.” We started a tradition of surprising each other with a Disney trading pin on the last night of each of our trips up on top of the Train Station, and on the next vacation, Steven used his pin to tell me that he loved me for the first time in our special spot. On our latest Disney vacation, another trip with his family, Steven and I decided to go into the Magic Kingdom alone together.

Alexandra's Proposal in Disney

I wasn’t suspicious at all when he asked to take a picture in our special spot or when he told me that he had an early birthday present for me. It was a scrapbook designed to look like the “Adventure Book” from “Up!,” one of our all-time favorite movies. In it, he put notes, grocery lists, movie tickets, mini-golf scorecards, anniversary and birthday cards, and more memories from our 4 years together.

Where to Propose in Disney

On the last page was another bookmark like the one he’d used to ask me to be his girlfriend. He’d bought this bookmark on the same day and saved it to ask me to be his wife. After I said the most enthusiastic “YES!” of my life, I turned around to the cheering crowd behind us. Not only was his family there, by my family had flown down to surprise me. It was the happiest and most magical day I could imagine.

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