Alexandra and Samuel

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How We Met

Sam and I began our love story the first day of our senior year of high school back in Las Vegas. I spotted Sam in the back of AP Biology surrounded by a slew of football friends. Playing it very cool, I decided to sit near this group of boys hoping to get Sam’s attention. Sure enough, Sam put his game face on and asked me a very important question, “Do you want some goldfish?” After exchanging numbers, getting lockers next to each other, and basking in the light of the Coronado High School Welcome Back BBQ – our on-again, off-again relationship became more of a soap opera than something anyone would expect to go the distance. Sam was geared up to attend Biola University in Southern California and I had exchanged my bedazzled jeans to bleed blue with my beloved Bruins. Throughout college, Sam and I remained as close of friends as all exes should be.

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We would text here and there, see each other over breaks, and keep tabs on each other’s Instagram (maybe that was just me). We grew independently in our love of who God is, discovered our passions, established life-long friendships, and even tried meeting other people. Seven years later, we met up over Christmas break and decided to go to one of our favorite high school date spots: U-Swirl. It was here that “God struck [Sam] down” (says Sam every time he tells this story). The evening ended with Sam getting a debilitating cramp, going into shock, passing out, and me calling 911 while rushing him home. Sam says this is the moment he knew I would always be by his side. We have been inseparable ever since (except for the long-distance-from-DC-to-Philadelphia part). And yes, I will be changing my last name. #AlexAlex2k18

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how they asked

Sam and I had plans to fly to San Diego for my niece’s first birthday party. My sister, who is a wedding planner, asked if Sam and I would be available to “act” in a promo video for her website while we were in town. Since my dream wedding venue was Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla, she said we could film it there. The morning of the proposal we got all dressed up so that we could pretend to be my sister’s clients looking at a venue. Soon into our filming, I immediately knew it wasn’t a promo video and this was the day Sam was going to propose.

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Little did I know, Sam had coordinated with both of our families and friends who were able to watch the whole thing. The best surprise was the venue, the same venue that I was standing at and books up more than a year out, had already been reserved for us on May 11th. Sam had then coordinated an engagement party for everyone to celebrate with us immediately following the proposal. It was perfect.

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