Alexandra and Robert

How We Met

I first met Rob in 2011 at a boat show in Southampton but funnily enough, it wasn’t Rob that I met first. I work for a luxury yacht company – Sunseeker – and whilst working on our exhibition stand, a client walked up to me and said “my boy would love you” which I found rather startling and a little odd. A couple of nights later, my colleagues and I were out for drinks in an absolute dive where I started talking to a guy named Rob. Little did I know, that “Rob” was the son of the odd man (now my to-be-father-in-law) who’d approached me a few days earlier! We got on instantly and remained friends until officially started dating in June 2013. Now every September when the European Boat Show Season comes round marks another year since we found each other. The rest is history!

Proposal Ideas Thailand

how they asked

I surprised Rob for his birthday in January with flights to Phuket for March – we absolutely LOVE Thailand, my family have been going for 30 years and it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get Rob to join the band wagon!

Alexandra's Proposal in Thailand

On our second night, Rob had arranged (with the sneaky help of my Nanny Barbie) for a private table at Catch Beach Club which is just beautiful. We had the most amazing meal, cocktails and a bottle of wine and when we’d finished, he held my hand and said, “Alexandra Jane Butler, I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, I love you” – at which point he stands up (I thought he was going to the loo!) and gets down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Swiftly followed by the other restaurant goers congratulating us and a bottle of pink fizz conveniently finding it’s way to our table!

Rob knew how close I was to my grandmother who sadly passed away shortly before we traveled. Emotions were high as her funeral took place two days before we flew. To my absolute DELIGHT – cue tears – he told me how he had spoken to her on birthday at the beginning of February and told her that he was going to ask me to marry him which makes me so happy as she knew when she passed that I was due to marry the love of my life! Rob knew I wanted to choose my own ring so proposed to me with her engagement ring from my late grandfather to pop the question.