Alexandra and Robbie

Where to Propose in Apple orchard

How We Met

Robbie and I met three years ago. I was going to a local gym in my city, Profitness and was trying out many different classes that were being offered. One of those classes was kickboxing, which I had never done before but wanted to try! When I went to the class Robbie was the instructor, a handsome, funny but down to business kind of man!

Proposal Ideas Apple orchard

how they asked

Ahhhhh the proposal, best day of my life! August 6th, 2017 will be one for the books. Robbie and I this past summer were making sure to go to outdoor restaurants to try something new and just enjoy outdoor views. We had been doing it a few weeks in a row so that Saturday coming up wouldn’t have been any different. He had given me a few choices to pick from, from places in Newport RI. Some were beautiful but not really “outdoor” seating like I had wanted, except for one called “The Lawn, at Castle Hill” so I clearly choice that just for the outside seating! Robbie and I had a normal day errands in the morning and then dinner time. When we got there it was breath taking and so beautiful! We are right along the water, shared laughs and just enjoyed the views. After dinner there was a lighthouse that was a five minute walk from there and I wanted to see it! When we got there, there were many things going on a photo shoot, people just looking, a group of people sitting at a picnic table hanging out and one playing guitar. While facing the water and looking at all its beauty the man playing guitar started playing a song that had much meaning to Robbie and I (Ed Sheeran- Only One). When I turned around to look at him he began to walk closer to us singing the song! Right there I knew something was going on! As I turned to Robbie he was holding my hands and began to speak amazing words to me followed by getting down on one knee asking me to marry him!!! With all that going on someone came out of no where taking pictures and recording that whole day! Wow that day was truly something out of a magazine and will be one I will never forget!

Special Thanks

Photography by Mallory
Keith's Farm