Alexandra and Ray

How We Met

December 25, 2015. I attended one of my aunts Christmas parties that she throws every year, same people, same food, but something was different this time. I noticed for the first time a guy whom my cousin has been best friends with since she was little but that night things were different. Over a game of heads up he slowly caught my attention. Our first conversation consisted of how many kids he wanted and that he was in the military leaving to Africa on deployment in a few months. I never thought for a second that he was interested in me until the day after. He added me on Facebook and my cousin told me that he had asked her to put a good word in for him. Few days later, he messaged me happy New Years and we began to casually talk. He eventually asked me out on a date to a nearby pizzeria and after a three hour long deep conversation about God and our lives, I knew he was the one. And I know he did too.

how they asked

I planned a surprise birthday party for him since the middle of June. My fiancé is in the military and he has training during the summer for three months, so he was going to be away and miss his birthday once again at home. I decided to do a surprise party after one of his good friends and my best friends husband told me it would be a great idea.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents house

Proposal Ideas My parents house

What I didn’t know was that my Palm Springs themed pool party was actually going to be my engagement party. So many of our friends and family came into town, and I wholeheartedly believed it was for him. But in reality he was going to propose and he knew all along I was planning this whole big surprise for him but instead the surprise was for me.

Where to Propose in My parents house

He even faked being surprised in the beginning. They told me we ran out of hamburgers so I quickly ran to the supermarket and when I came back my dream guy was on one knee while all of our family and friends watched.

The best part was that they flipped all of my decorations into an engagement themed party and everyone helped to put this engagement on. It was beautiful and I will never forget it. I also won’t plan a surprise party ever again. lol

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