Alexandra and Ramiro

Alexandra's Proposal in Positano, Italy

How We Met

It was 2005 and we were 15 years old living in Canada when Ramiro told me he was moving to Argentina with his family. His mom passed away when he was younger and his family decided it was best to move back home. My first high school puppy love was moving away and I was devastated to think I would never see him again. Being so young there was nothing I could do and I had no choice but to let him go. Years went by and we inevitably lost touch.

It was 2008 when I heard news he was moving back to Canada for good. We’d see each other through our mutual friends and we would always talk about the innocent love we shared. Every time I would see him, my heart would stop and my tummy filled with butterflies. I knew I would always have love for the boy who stole my heart all those years ago.

We didn’t see each other for a year when things became bizarre. I would bump into him in the most random places filled with thousands of people in a span of 3 months. Rib Fest Toronto, World Cup celebrations downtown, soccer games etc. I remember going home after each encounter and telling my family, ‘I don’t know what’s happening but this feels like magic…something is pushing us to be together and cross paths’. He felt the same and we have been inseparable ever since.

November, 2015 he asked me to be his girlfriend and he has made me the happiest I have ever been.

The incredible part about our story is, his sister reached out to a Medium to try and communicate with their mom who passed away. The Medium confirmed that their mom was always with them and he was able to validate the beautiful memories they all once shared. One validation in particular will stay with me forever. He said, ‘Your mom wants your brother to know that she was the one who pushed Alexandra in Ramiro’s path every time’. I truly believe she was the magic who brought us together again.

how they asked

The day was full of ‘Birthday’ surprises. We planned a trip to Italy during the time of my birthday & Ramiro told me I would be getting my birthday ‘gift’ at the end of our incredible trip. A proposal wasn’t on my mind because all I kept thinking was, ‘What could this birthday gift be?!’ By the end of a super long eventful day in Positano, Ramiro asked if I wanted to go to the beach for one more birthday surprise. As we walked down to the beach, Ramiro directed me towards a little hut with a sign that read, ‘Positano Boat Tours’ – We were doing a Private Sunset Boat Tour! We hopped on the boat, started the tour & enjoyed the magical views. After a few minutes the Captain looked at me & said, ‘Alessandra, please go to the front of the boat, I’ll take a beautiful picture of you!’ I made my way to the front of the boat, turned my back to the Captain, opened my arms & waited for the him to take a picture. When I turned around to see why it was taking so long, I found Ramiro directly behind me on one knee. The rest is history & my life has been changed ever since!

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