Alexandra and Mitchell

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How We Met

Mitch and I met through Ian, my best friend from college. They went to flight training together and when I moved to DC for law school I went to visit the base where they were stationed in North Carolina. My best friend and I went to a house party and when I saw Mitch I swear my heart skipped a beat. The next day a group of us went to a concert and I just couldn’t stop talking to Mitch. I wasn’t sure how the logistics of a long distance relationship would even work but I just knew I wanted to be his friend forever. Mitch and Ian came to visit DC the next weekend and the three of us had the best time sightseeing and exploring the city. About two weeks later Mitch drove up solo so we could go on a first real proper date. That night we both knew we just had to figure out a way to make it work and immediately started planning the next time we would see each other. While I was in law school I would either take a bus down to North Carolina or he would drive up to DC whenever we got a chance.

how they asked

On our first date we watched the National Symphony Orchestra play at the Kennedy Center for the performing arts in DC. Mitch was stationed in North Carolina and had driven up 4 hours just for our date. After the show was over we decided to walk to the Lincoln memorial. We took a wrong turn and ended up walking about 2 miles while I was wearing 5 inch heels. We walked from the Lincoln memorial to the Washington monument and that’s when I knew we would get married one day. I never wanted to stop walking and talking to him. 2 1/2 years later it was our last weekend in DC and we wanted to recreate our first date so we went to a daytime performance at the Kennedy Center, walked to the Lincoln memorial and ate cupcakes in the back as we watched the sunset. I thought it was the perfect way to spend our last weekend in DC. Then Mitch suggested we walk to the Washington monument one last time and even though my feet were tired I just couldn’t pass up the nostalgia. So we walked to the Washington monument and Mitch took a detour right as we were approaching where a violinist was playing love songs next to a tree right in front of the monument. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and it was a moment of pure magic.

(A friend of mine took a few photos the actual night that ended up blurry (but I still love them) so we went back about two weeks later to take our engagement photos on the national mall)

Alexandra and Mitchell's Engagement in the washington monument

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in the washington monument

Alexandra's Proposal in the washington monument

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