Alexandra and Mitch

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How We Met

Towards the end of both of our sophomore years at Texas Christian University, we met while studying. I had tagged along with a friend of mine to work on a group project, while Mitch had tagged along with two of his ‘mates’ who were working on statistics. My friend knew Mitch and introduced us. Later, Mitch told my friend that he thought I was cute knowing she would tell me! (Or so he claims…) We never ran into each other on campus, so it took some coordination between my friend and him to finally get us together again so he could ask for my number. For our first date, he took me to get sushi and at dinner I mentioned I had never been to in-and-out. Wanting to knock something off my bucket list (and because he was still hungry) we went to in-and-out right after dinner! haha! Then, he took me to the Fort Worth Water Gardens, which are so romantic and beautiful at night because all of the waterfalls and fountains light up! It was breathtaking and I was smitten just after Date #1!

how they asked

Since Mitch is from England and his family lives there, it is always a very special occasion when they make it to Texas. Every time they come in town, we make plans to go for a nice dinner with both of our families, and this time was no different. The day before our dinner reservation at The Reata in Fort Worth, Mitch’s mom suggested we treat ourselves to a “girly day” to pamper ourselves before dinner. We went and got our hair and nails done, while Mitch and his Dad had a “guy’s day.” It was the perfect start to what would be the most memorable day of my life! As I was getting ready for dinner, Mitch’s mom asked if we could stop by the Fort Worth Water Gardens on our way to dinner. The Water Gardens are one of our favorite places; it is where he took me on our first date and also where we first said “I love you.” Coincidentally, my parents were running early, so they said they’d meet us at the gardens. When we arrived I could sense a bit of excitement from both of our families, and Mitch asked me if I would go into the waterfalls with him. There was a bit of a crowd, so I had to be extra careful not to slip into the water! When we got to the bottom, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! The crowd clapped and cheered, we then spent the rest of the evening celebrating with our families. The next day, Mitch even surprised me with an engagement party brunch with some of our close friends. I wish I could relive that weekend over and over again, and I’m so elated that Mitch and I can always go back to the water gardens to revisit all of our memories there.

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Special Thanks

Josh Washington
 | Photographer