Alexandra and Michael

How We Met

One of my best friends from high school went to grade school with Michael and was described as “the cute boy from my grade school.” So I was well aware of who he was since freshman year of high school. Michael had no idea who I was. We had never spoken or met all throughout high school or grade school and it wasn’t until after college where our world’s collided. Unknowingly, we had a lot of mutual friends and ended up playing in a Christmas volleyball tournament against each other. Eventually we went on our first date and we have been together ever since!

That was so boring and generic. If I’m being real here, here is what actually happened,

I always knew who Michael was because he was always so cute. Never in a million years thought to actually talk to him.

College happens…we both date other people.

I keep dating that person on and off for a few years after college. In the meantime, Michael finds out who I was through mutual friends and Facebook messages me. I tell him I’m not single and we never meet.

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Every couple months Michael would message me and ask if I was single. I always said “NO.” His response would be…”let me know if that ever changes.”

Eventually I wasn’t in a relationship anymore and a mutual friend told Michael who then asked me to go on a date with him.

We go to dinner. We have been dating ever since. He is the best.

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how they asked

I am a wedding videographer based out of St. Louis, MO and I had a wedding July 1 at the Lake of the Ozarks. (Michael LOVES the Lake of the Ozarks. LOVES.) I had been super sick with a fever and was shooting this wedding by myself so I didn’t have a chance to fly my drone the day of the wedding. We stayed down at the lake for about a week after the wedding I shot so Michael and I had talked about just getting cool drone footage of the lake on a different day so I could put it in my couple’s video! A few days after the wedding and after Michael recovered from the fever I gave to him, we went to HaHa Tonka State Park and had a relaxing boat day.

That evening, we went out on the water to get some sunset lake shots before we went to dinner. As I was trying to land the drone on the boat and it was getting closer and closer, Michael stood behind me and turned the camera to face us and then asked me to marry him!!!!!! After I yelled at him for asking me while my hair was a mess and I was wearing an ugly shirt, I said yes and now I get to marry the most precious man in the world. :)

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