Alexandra and Micah

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How We Met

Long story short, Micah and I met in Architecture school. I was wide-eyed, ambitious, and determined and he was focused, competitive, and had a major crush on me. After a year of being friends, we finally started dating and shortly after, studied abroad together in Rome. We spent the first few months of our relationship traveling and falling in love all over Europe, an experience that accelerated our relationship and made us realize what great partners we were. We were both drawn to each other because of our competitive nature and desire to be the best at whatever we did. We both wanted more from life and after a few years (and 12 long months of long-distance) moved to LA, started our own businesses, and created a true home base.

How They Asked

It was a sunny Saturday morning in November, Micah woke up early and told me he was going to grab us breakfast. I sleepily kissed him and rolled out of bed to get in the shower. When I came downstairs he had set up our breakfast and put on Kacey Musgraves (my favorite). We had been switching off planning dates for each other for a few weeks and today was his turn. He told me we were going to get tacos and go to the beach in Malibu, one of our favorite things to do. It had been a crazy month for both of us with work so a little trip to the ocean sounded amazing.

I got dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, no makeup, and messy hair. He took one look at me and told me that I may want to put on something nicer in case we took photos (lol). So I kept the jeans but put on some quick makeup and gold hoops. We hopped in the car and were on our way. At this point, we had been together for seven years and had talked about getting engaged in 2020. But, like many things, the pandemic threw off our plans and with everything going on in the world I put the idea aside. As we drove to Malibu I felt slightly nervous energy from Micah, but brushed it off and focused on the gorgeous scenery and placing our taco order. Tacos in hand, we made it to the beach. It was a new spot I had never been to, but Micah seemed to somehow be familiar with it (I found out later he had sneakily gone to Malibu a few weeks earlier to scope out locations and even made a pdf with a map and photos to show my sister and best friend so they could help him pick the best spot).

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The beach was perfect, it was a warm day with a slight breeze. The kind of day where you can feel the sun seeping into your skin, warming every part of your body. I was in heaven. We cuddled and laid together, watching the sky and the waves. Totally present and soaking up the feeling of being together in nature, out of the city, and away from our busy lives. With his arms around me, Micah said “I’m the happiest when I’m with you.” I smiled at him and felt completely and utterly content. After a couple of hours, we decided we should probably get back. As we walked up the bluff he stopped at a small wooden bridge overlooking the ocean below and insisted it was the perfect place to take photos. I agreed and we set up the camera. A few photos in he turned to me, his hands on my waist, pulling me close.

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He looked me in the eyes and told me I was his true love. Before I knew it he was down on one knee and I was immediately overcome with emotion. Tears started streaming down my face and I completely lost it. In one swift movement, he pulled a white square box out of his jacket and opened it. Beaming up at me with the biggest smile, he said “Will you marry me?” In the box was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It sparkled in the sunlight as he slid it onto my finger and I continued to cry like a baby. Then he lifted me up and hugged me so tight, reminding me that I needed to answer his question, to which I proclaimed, “Yes a million times!!”

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At that moment it all became real. I had been waiting so long for this, yet now that it was happening it felt completely natural yet totally extraordinary at the same time. You see proposals happen to other people and it looks so magical like they’re in this perfect fairytale. But when it happens to you it’s just your best friend looking up at you asking you a question that feels weirdly normal but also extremely profound.

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A few minutes later he pointed up at a lookout above us where my Sister, Brother in Law, Niece, and Best Friend (who had flown in from New York!) were standing and waving. I lost it again. They ran down to us and we celebrated together. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed, I couldn’t believe they were there and it was all happening. We took photos and cried and laughed together.

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Micah, my best friend, and I piled back into the car and drove home. On the way back we talked about getting dinner with a few friends to celebrate. Little did I know our closest friends and neighbors were already at our house with champagne and flowers waiting to surprise me. As we walked into the courtyard of our building everyone yelled “Surprise!” and popped the champagne. I was shocked!! My other best friends had gone to the LA flower market that morning and adorned our apartment with the most beautiful arrangements. Our neighbors had all been in on it and helped Micah plan and organize. I was so filled with joy and love I couldn’t contain myself. He had thought of every detail and made sure I was surrounded by the people I love on the most amazing day of our lives so far.

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We capped the night off with an incredible dinner at our dear friends’ restaurant, Dama in Downtown LA. Everyone was laughing and drinking the whole night, soaking up the love and genuine connection. It was truly magical. We relive that day over and over again and can’t wait for the memories to come and our future together.

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