Alexandra and Matthew

Alexandra's Proposal in Bear Mountain National Park

How We Met

Matt and I were in the same friend group for a few years before we spoke to each other. In all honesty, I never paid him any attention because he never approached me at social events. One weekend in May when all our friends were at a music festival I decided I would say hi to him and get to know him better. Turns out he’s so caring with a huge heart of gold. We found out that weekend that we both love the main act of the festival and began bonding over that. We started hanging out and talking a lot after that weekend. We did take it slow, but even still we could not go a day without speaking to each other. That was when I knew we had something. He would always make me feel happy when I was sad and was there when I needed him. Matt never officially asked me to be his girlfriend, but the next year, in February, on Valentine’s Day, he said he was coming to my office to bring me lunch. He showed up with a heart-shaped pizza and read a poem he wrote for me where the last line said, “I love you,” which he had never said to me before. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever and I knew then we would be together forever.

how they asked

I texted my girlfriends to ask them on a hike before the summer ended. They all replied to me in the group text saying yes. I had suggested the date (September 8th) and they suggested the location (Bear Mountain). It just so happens that Matt had already picked the 8th for the proposal, so I essentially planned my own engagement. A month went by and the weekend of our hike was upon us. My best friend Jacqueline asked me to sleep over the night before our hike to help her with her engagement photo shoot outfits and to look for “cute hiking outfits” she called it. We went to the store and tried on several cute tops and bottoms. I didn’t realize this at the time, but she was throwing shirts at me left and right to try on to make sure I had a cute outfit for the next day.

The next morning, we woke up and got ready for our hike. I drove all my girlfriends up to the mountain, even stopping in the Bronx to pick up our one friend Aly. We got to the mountain a little later than I expected but we weren’t in a rush, so it was fine. We start our hike and immediately realize all the stairs we need to climb. We are all laughing and panting and sweating from the hike when my friends stop me for a break. One of the girls says my hair is looking kind of frizzy and for our friend Nicole to French braid it quick. I agree because I wanted to sit and rest.

Once the braiding was finished we start again on the hike. We walked and walked and suddenly I look ahead of me and I see two people I recognize. Jacqueline’s fiancé and his brother (who is married to my friend Ari that was with me on the hike). My heart starts racing. What are they doing here?? They have roses in their hands and they say that they are surprising Jacqueline and Ari on the hike. They also apologize for Matt not making it but “Matt sends you these roses to make up for him not being here.” We continue the hike and as we get further up I see Jake and Alyssa, an engaged couple and two of our closest friends, on the trail with roses in their hands.

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They hand me the roses and at this point I know something is happening, but I don’t know what and my heart is beating a mile a minute. We go further up, and we see more of our close friends on the trail. I am crying at this point with so much emotion. Matt’s best friend Jon is at the end of the trail waiting for us. He hands me a rose and grabs my hand to lead me off the trail and down to a look out. I follow him with all our friends following behind me and Matt’s other best friend Brendan with a professional camera hoping from rock to rock taking pictures in front of me. All I can see ahead is Matt standing on the edge of a cliff with rose petals scattered on the ground and She Gimme Love by Collie Budz playing out of a portable speaker. I lose it at this point and start crying so much. I can’t believe this is happening and I am so filled with excitement and happiness.

I walk up to Matt as all our friends hang back to watch and record this moment. He wrote me a beautiful poem where at the end he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! Our friends all cheered, and we celebrated with champagne and sandwiches right there on the mountain. It was the best day ever and I could have never dreamed of a more perfect engagement.

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