Alexandra and Matthew

How We Met

Our meeting story is pretty boring actually! We met through a mutual friend in early 2018, and he asked me out not too much after that. But it was the coincidences that we found out that made us know it was meant to be. Matthew had actually purchased a unit in the building right across from my unit in Wentworth Point only a few months after me so it’s pretty amazing to know we were always near each other even before we met

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

How They Asked

Well to be honest Matt is very bad at hiding surprises and I’m that kind of personality that is very impatient so I can’t believe he pulled it off! It was so amazing, he took me to this amazing part of Sydney in Mosman where he was actually going to take us for our first date but we didn’t end up going so it just fit perfectly that he would choose that place.

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It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and for him to kneel down and ask me to marry him was both the most amazing and scariest thing, because I was so emotional for him to ask me to marry him and also scared he would hurt his knee (he has had 2 surgeries on it!). It felt so natural and it felt so right everything else like the stunning flowers and music were just the icing on the cake

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