Alexandra and Matt

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How We Met

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Matt. It was 6am and I was in pajama pants, a ski jacket, and my eye glasses. Our church has an annual 21 days of prayer and fasting every January from 6 to 7 in the morning. I never knew a man could be so beautiful and I never thought in a million years he could ever be mine. Little did I know that I had actually caught his eye and he was looking for every opportunity to talk to me. Matt took no time to ask around about me and hung around my conversations at church just to be around me more. We had several small conversations, but it only took one for me to know I wanted to marry him. Matt dove hard into every crevice of my heart. His pursuit for my life truly resembled God’s pursuit for the church. We instantly became best friends and started dating almost immediately.

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how they asked

June 25th, 2016 seemed like any other ordinary Saturday morning, until it wasn’t. Shae Tate, is one of my dearest friends and also the best servant in the entire world. She is selfless and always looking for opportunities to help others. Around 9:30am, Shae came over and surprised me with my favorite coffee, baked oatmeal, and handed me a letter. This was typical behavior of Shae so when I opened my letter I was very shocked to see that it wasn’t from her, but it was the handwriting of my beloved boyfriend that read,

“I wanted you to start the day off with a great breakfast because today is a big day. Clear your schedule because at 1pm, I have scheduled you a mani pedi at Bellagio so your nails can look extra pretty. There will be a few more surprises, so sit back and enjoy this special day. Love, Matt”

I instantly started crying because I knew in that very moment that today was the day that my best friend, soul mate, and love was going to get on one knee and ask me the most important question; to be his wife, mother of his children, and forever love. I knew that today was the day that the waiting met the promise.

Matt definitely knew what he was doing by getting my best friend to spend the morning with me and deliver his first letter. He knew how special my friendships were to me and I got to sit and soak in what was going to happen without knowing any idea how the day would end. After morning coffee, several tears, and a couple hours later, my other best friend Kelsey and mentor, Caroline came walking through my door with perfectly bloomed flowers, my favorite perfume and the second letter that read,

“As the time approaches I wanted to give you a couple more of your favorites. Some beautiful peonies for the most beautiful girl and a bottle of your favorite perfume. Tonight I will pick you up at 6:30 and it can’t get here fast enough. PS: Don’t worry about what to wear; I’ve got that covered. Love, Matt.”

I was overjoyed, overwhelmed, but most of all thankful for the people I had in my life supporting Matt and me. Kelsey and Caroline stayed awhile with Shae and me as we all squealed and talked about the future and how good God had been to us all. We worshipped and prayed and cast vision for all of our lives and the new season I was about to be in as a fiancé, and soon a wife. At 1pm, Kelsey and I went to my nail appointment and found the perfect light pink color that she assured me would compliment my new engagement ring.

Once we had gotten back to my house, I was completely surprised yet again by the way my house was decorated. While I was gone, Matt (and some help from my mom and sister) had transformed my bedroom from head to toe by covering the place with rose pedals, balloons, candles, pictures, chocolate covered strawberries, chicken salad, sparkling water, and much more. On my bed was two beautifully wrapped gifts and two letters. I opened up my first gift and pulled out the most beautiful black lace Free People dress and cried as I read the letter from my parents. The second gift was a pair of hot pink strappy heels from Matt that I could not have been more excited about. What I loved about these gifts was that Matt really knew what kind of girl I was (someone who always wants to look fabulous) and embraced my femininity. Along with the dress and shoes, Matt had also written me a third letter that read,

“Thinking about how beautiful you are going to look tonight is almost overwhelming. I hope these shoes make you feel extra pretty tonight, but just know that your beauty is undeniable. I can’t wait to see you in just a few short hours. You are my best friend! Love, Matt”

With excited nerves I started getting ready and enjoyed my time with my girlfriends that were over. We laughed, we cried, we danced, but most importantly we thanked God for the gift of Matt that He so sweetly gave me.

The clock striked 6:30 and Matt was knocking at my door. All the anxious nerves instantly went away and peace overwhelmed me when I saw him for the first time that day. We spent a few minutes alone together crying and laughing about what happened earlier in the day and what was to come. He walked me to his car and opened my door like the gentleman he is and told me to keep my eyes shut from here. After a few short minutes we had arrived at our next destination and I had no idea where we might be. Once I had opened my eyes I was absolutely and whole-heartedly amazed by the beautiful drapes and walkway that was before me. Matt had taken us to a very significant place in our relationship; the place where we had our first conversation and the place where we both spent many worship nights. Matt (and the help of my friend Maddy) had transformed this precious backyard into a beautiful altar and what is now the perfect proposal.

He took my hand and we walked through the white curtains and down the white aisle to the handmade altar.

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He spoke about what he saw in me the very first time we met. He spoke about how his heart grew tender towards me in one moment of first eye contact. He spoke about our past and our future. He spoke about our strengths and weakness. He spoke about our dreams and desires and most importantly he spoke about how God had brought us together as if our whole lives depended on that very day.

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He got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever and I said yes.

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After the proposal, Matt surprised me one last time with a private party on the top floor of Cypress Inn. We were greeted by all our closest family and friends and enjoyed our first night as fiancés.

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Special Thanks

Blaire Blackmon
 | Photographer