Alexandra and Marc

How We Met

Marc and I met 4 years ago on a blind date. I was somewhat skeptical since I’ve never gone on a date with a stranger before but, I worked up the courage and agreed to go for dinner with him. Marc was super traditional he rang my doorbell and even met my parents before taking me out. the second the bell rang my heart skipped a beat and I was officially so nervous!! when I saw Marc I thought two things 1. this man is extremely good looking and 2. I’m going to marry him. A bottle of wine and a delicious meal later and I just knew he was the one. After that we pretty much were together none stop and as time went on our love for each other only grew stronger. He’s my best friend, he makes me a better person and I simply love our life together.

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Marc and I were celebrating our 4 year anniversary in niagara falls. He planned this amazing little getaway for us and it started off with a cute little bed and breakfast. He then planned a couples massage before we went off to a winery I’ve been dying to go to. we got there and he told me to go get a couple glasses of wine for us while he checked what time the wine tour would be happening. and just a side I’m totally clueless at this point. So Marc comes back and tells me the tour is going to be pretty intimate since it would only be the two of us and one other person. The tour was great and now we both have a good buzz going. We had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so Marc said lets go get some selfies outside while were waiting.

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As were walking outside to my surprise I saw a car parked right outside which I thought looked exactly like mine. I believe my exact words were “Hey theres a car on display that looks like mine”. As we got closer to the car Marc turned to me and said do you notice anything about this car? I look at the license plate and it says MARRY ME and the next thing I know Marc is on one knee with a ring in his hands.

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I was so stunned that I just started balling my eyes out and then he started crying and it was the most amazing surreal moment of my life. To top it off that third person on the tour with us turned out to be the photographer he hired and it all started to come together that he had put together this wonderful proposal for me. when I think back to that day it’s still so surreal to me and I’m so thankful and excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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drove up to move my car and put on the license plate that said marry me