Alexandra and Kevin


How We Met

A girl walks into a bar.. totally cliche but technically true. We met while out with mutual friends at Sharkeez in Santa Barbara on one fateful ‘College Thursday’ night. We both immediately noticed each other and Kevin thankfully made the first move. That following Sunday night, we went on our first official date. After two hours at dinner and accidentally staying until closing, we looked around to see that the entire restaurant had cleared out. Neither of us had noticed. From that day on, we’ve been pretty much inseparable (and we’re excited to keep that trend going :)

how they asked

5 years and 27 days into our relationship, Kevin popped the question. We were in Hawaii on vacation with Alex’s parents visiting family friends. The day before, we dropped off Michael and Jennie in Hana for a camping trip and planned to use the time to lay around and relax.

It was a rainy March morning. Kevin woke up extra early and made crepes (nothing out of the norm). After breakfast, Alex suggested going to their ‘spot’ – a little beach in Makenna where they tried but failed to see dolphins every Maui morning.

To coffee we went (our favorite little coffee shack) and off to Makenna. The drive was about 20 minutes and usually uneventful (minus the totally gorgeous views!) but this time was special. Lava goats were blocking the road that led to our beach. We had only seen them once before and loved how spectacular they were; all black goats that blend in with the thousands year old lava flow. So cool!

By the time we got to the beach, it was pouring. Alex asked Kevin, “Still want to do this?” and of course his adventurous answer was ‘yes’. When she asked for her water shoes, she unknowingly had just given Kevin the excuse he needed to grab the ring.


No umbrella, who cares! We were in Maui. The more it rained, the more we started looking for a little sheltered place we could just sit and watch for dolphins. We finally stumbled on a little secluded part of the beach. Kevin suggested Alex go look at an overhang of rocks where he implied they could find shelter. Skeptical, she turned her back on Kevin and went to look. He went down on one knee (!!!!!!). Completely unaware, Alex continued looking for this magical spot Kevin had suggested and kept walking. And Kevin slid in the sand, still on one knee, trying to catch up to her (haha).

When she finally turned around to tell him that his sheltered spot didn’t exist, she was in shock. “What are you doing?!?” And he started in on the proposal, “Alex, I love you so much”… she broke out in tears, crying so hysterically she couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Her hands covered her face while he tried to give her time to compose herself.

After a lot of sweet words, he finally pulled the ring out of his pocket and at the most perfect moment said, “Will you marry me??” and she replied with, “DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

After a lot of hugging and squeals of excitement, we noticed the rain had stopped and in the distant… dolphins :)