Alexandra and Juan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How We Met

Juan and I met in college my freshman year when he was a junior. He so happen to be an RA in my building. I would see Juan in passing and say hello and he totally use to love to come and kick our door open. One day when my RA stopped me to ask if Juan had talked to me I can’t lie I was a bit confused. Long story short she ended up telling me that Juan had a thing for the little Spanish girl on the 6th floor and I was her only Spanish resident. We exchanged numbers and began talking now the rest is history!

how they asked

We were on vacation with my family in Punta Cana. We had previously gone two years ago for my younger sisters 16th birthday and she had taken professional pictures with the hotel photographer. That year Juan and I had also taken couple pictures which I liked to call our fake engagement pictures. Leading up to our vacation I kept bothering Juan saying “are we going for round two of fake engagement pictures this year, so I can caption it “Engagement Pictures…STILL NO RING.” He would just laugh at me and say if you would like to. Three days into our vacation my dad kept saying he wanted to take family pictures. So we spoke to the hotel photographer once again and set the date to take our family pictures or so I thought. Picture day comes along and we’re taking pictures by the beach when all of sudden the photographer as Juan to get into the picture. Because we were by the beach the wind was really blowing so my hair was truly a disaster. Juan was standing behind me when the photographer asked him to get on a knee. Oblivious to everything that was happening because I was too concerned about my hair I didn’t think much of this especially because in the pictures we had taken two years ago we have pictures of him on his knee. To add Juan was behind me whispering this is so awkward so he really played it good. Next thing I know the photographer tells me to turn and look at Juan when I turn around he is not only on one knee but has the most beautiful and amazing ring in his hand. I truly just broke down crying. It was so special to have my parents and younger sister there witnessing the whole thing and they were super good secret keepers!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic