Alexandra and JR

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Beaver’s Bend

How We Met

We met in November of 2016 at a college football game through a mutual friend. It was a VERY slow start. We didn’t go on our first date until a month later! We went to an Aaron Watson concert and let me tell you.. it was AWKWARD! I honestly never thought we would have a second date. But JR says he knew he was going to marry me since the day we met and he wasn’t going to give up on us. I am so glad he didn’t! After we got past the first couple of awkward dates we were inseparable and he quickly became my best friend.

how they asked

He proposed June 25, 2018 while we were on vacation with his family at Beaver’s Bend. Apparently the whole day he had been scoping out the perfect spot while I was sleeping. (What can I say? I like to sleep) That night his parents said they were going ahead to the restaurant and to just meet them there. Our whole car ride JR was silent and very nervous. We drove back in the woods and I finally figured out 1 of two things was going to happen. 1. He was going to kill me or 2. He was going to propose. (Luckily it was the second) He pulled over on the side of the road and said “do not say a word”.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Beaver’s Bend

Apparently I have a tendency to ruin surprises?? We walked up this big hill and back down on the other side and it was the most beautiful backdrop. He grabbed my hands and got down on a knee. He was really nervous and could barely open the box up but he worked up the courage to ask “will you marry me?” Of course I said yes! A few minutes later both of our families came walking down the hill. He had a friend there videoing and taking pictures of the whole thing. It was perfect!

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