Alexandra and Jose

How We Met: A month into freshman year of college I met him. He was standing right there in front of me in the library. There was just one problem, my newly acquired college friend was just starting to date him and I had a boyfriend at the time. I had heard all about him but once I saw him standing there it was like something changed. I knew he was untouchable but I still secretly desired him and this went on for 3 years. We took classes, made projects and hung out together but neither one of us showed any sign. I thought he would never be into me and he would never leave her. I even joked around asking when they were getting married. Along the way I had a share of boyfriends and dead end flings. I broke up, hooked up, broke hearts, got my heart broken and had tons of fun. My third year I decide to leave everything behind and take on an adventure of a life time, Semester at Sea. I was going to travel and explore the world and all its mysteries. * I will leave all the SAS talk for another blog post *

My last port, Hawaii we finally have cellphone coverage and Facebook! I instantly get a message from HIM! Now, I was in Hawaii and very distracted so I have to admit I did not pay that much attention until I found out he broke it off with her. (I will not get into how she and I grew apart) I was going to be home in a month and had no idea where his head was. But I knew I was done with the random hookups and the no good boyfriends. I had seen what the world had to offer and was ready to settle down. When we reached our final dock, and reunited with my parents and brother we set of on an awesome California road trip before returning home. At this point he was discreetly asking when I would be getting back and how we had to hang out and catch up. How I HAD to tell him of all my adventures. But I never thought that would lead to him becoming my husband.

On the flight home, my best friend, travel companion and sister from another mother were talking boy stuff and I swore to her and my mother that the next boy I dated was it. Little did I know it would be the untouchable boy I had fallen secretly in love with my first year of college.

Trying to settle in to the monotonous life style, the change of not living in a ship and I had only been home days when we started texting. On our first date all I remember was I would not shut up, and it took 2 hrs for me to eat fajitas. I also never knew it was a date and don’t like counting it as a date. But from then on we were inseparable and now we get to live the rest of our lives together.

how they asked: On November 9th, 2013 he asked me to be his forever. The hole thing elaborately planned out days in advanced. I was “surprise visiting” from Boston (while in my final year of college) but he already knew I was coming (I can never pull of a surprise). Now for him, somehow it is always easy. Traditionally we always have one big special day each time I visit. We go out to a special restaurant around the island and get all dressed up, so I did not suspect anything. We had already talked about getting married and I knew he was looking at rings but I never thought he would propose that day. I also had a list of requisite including having my nails done and having some one record and take pictures of the whole thing for everyone else to experience and it had to be in or next to the ocean. (obviously you will all learn why and those of you who already know me know how special the ocean is to me.)

My mom lent us her car, which I though was a bit weird because she never lends anyone that car. He also did not want to tell me where we were going. But once we got in the car and headed towards Dorado I knew we were going to go eat at the Ritz Reserve and something was up. We arrived and totally got lost. Even though I grew up there and have gone millions of times. The poorly lighted streets once inside the resort have to be fixed. We headed towards El Encanto Bar & Grill. Where we were escorted to our table overlooking the pool. We had appetisers, drinks and our main courses and all through the night I had given up, because it was just like every other special dinner date we had.Image 1 of Alexandra and Jose

I stood up to go to the bathroom and when I got back the waiter came and told us “in the Ritz Carlton everything is an experience, and tonight the experience does not end here, so please follow me”. That is when I saw the candles leading to that special table on the beach only steps from the ocean. Right there in the sand surrounded by rose petals, he got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to marry him. Now he said some other things but I really can’t remember and I am pretty sure no girl remembers anything but will you marry me. The rush and emotions that surge through you make you forget everything. It is just you and him right there as if time stops until you say yes and he stands up and you feel his lips on yours. Immediately after the few people that were at the restaurant started clapping and cheering and offering their congratulations. Our waiter and two more immediately come and serve us champagne and put out an amazing custom chocolate cake. The dessert was made exquisitely for us on that night, a three layered chocolate mousse cake with wine, absolutely divine and huge. It was to be divided in three parts, one for us, another for my parents and the other for his parents all who were waiting desperately at home and for Jose to text she said yes! After I saw the cake and had some champagne I finally saw the ring! YES, I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT! Jose takes my hand and asks to see it that is when I realise I had it on. Amazing, just what I wanted! We stayed and had our cake and talked for a long long time. Until we were brought back to reality by our cell phones and our parents. So we thanked everyone for their best wishes and the wonderful service and headed home.

Image 2 of Alexandra and Jose

It was a magical night, one I would never forget, and one that changed my life forever.