Alexandra and Jordan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Delray Beach

How We Met

The first year of college Jordan and I had two classes together. He had sat behind me in both of the classes and we had never spoken to each-other. But after the second semester I had totally forgotten about him. So, fall semester of my second year of college my best friend wanted to revisit her high school because it was their homecoming night. As I was watching the game I noticed that Jordan was on the field coaching. So after the game a bunch of our friends went out to eat and some of the coaches joined too! While we were at dinner a mutual friend of ours decided to take his phone and put my number in it. Ever since then we have been together.

how they asked

This past November of 2016 Jordan and I had gotten tickets to see a NHL game. Before the game we did a toast to my father and step-mother who had just gotten engaged a week before. Not thinking anything of it, I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around and Jordan was down on one knee. I looked down and realized what was going on.

Where to Propose in Delray Beach

I was in such shocked that I cried with tears of joy! I couldn’t believe want was happening! He asked me to marry him! He proposed with my dream ring, the same ring that my father proposed to my mother with! Now not only do I get to marry the man of my dreams, but I also get to have a piece of my mother with me all the time!