Alexandra and Jordan

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How We Met

Ta and I met in elementary school. He and my younger brother were good friends so he would come to our house all the time. I had a crush on him back then (which he did not know about) and he really didn’t like me in that way considering I was his friend’s sister. After we got to high school we really didn’t speak to each other much but stayed connected through mutual friends. One day he randomly reached out to me and just decided we should hang out. It didn’t take us long at all to realize we really liked each other and immediately started dating after a couple months. We have been together ever since his sophomore year and my junior year of high school.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Laurel, Ms

how they asked

It was the last day in September of 2017 and it just so happened to be on a Saturday. Ta took me to eat at a popular restaurant in our hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. It is a cute little downtown restaurant with a great atmosphere that we don’t visit all the time. I honestly had a feeling that something wonderful was about to happen (probably because he was all dressed up and seemed a little anxious). After we ate, he took me outside and we walked around the block, and he made me cover my eyes. I knew it was happening and I was so excited, after all we were high school sweethearts and had been dating a couple years. When I opened my eyes there he was, on his knees, with a gorgeous ring and a wooden board behind him that read “will you marry me?” with twinkling lights around it. Of course, I said yes! And to top it all off, one of my best friends who is a photographer was there to capture the magical moment.

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