Alexandra and John

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How we met

John and I met getting our doctorate in Chiropractic school. We were placed in the same smaller section for our labs and slowly became friends. I had always thought he was cute and felt like there could maybe be something there, so i decided to text him to hang out. He invited me over to his apartment to watch his favorite movie ( back to the future part 2) which I readily pretended to love (although now admittedly dislike it intensely). Our first kiss was probably the funniest/ cutest thing because it was over a game of monopoly. John told me I had something in my eyelashes and to close my eyes to get it out. Upon Closing my eyes, He leaned over and kissed me! From then on there was hardly a weekend where we weren’t hanging out. And after 3 months we were on a cabin trip in North Carolina getting ready to go to sleep and he just blurted out “I Love you.” I knew already I had found my soul mate.

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how they asked

John had bought tickets for the traveling Broadway production of the Lion King for my birthday several months ago. We had decided to make an evening out of it and go to a fancy dinner at our favorite restaurant Armani’s. He had invited my family to come up from south Florida to join us at the show. At the end of the musical he told me we were meeting my family downstairs in one of the ballrooms. I thought it was a little strange but went with it. When we got into the room there was a huge semi circle of flowers and candles. I was so happy and excited that the whole proposal was a blur. When he asked me to marry him I said ” yes, of course!” then I looked up to see both of our families there standing, smiling, and clapping. After hugging everyone and toasting with champagne. The photographer who he had hired went outside to take more photographs of us. I can honestly say this is one of the happiest days of my life. Whenever I think about it I can’t help but smile.

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