Alexandra and Jerry

How We Met

At the pharmacy I worked out, when we had new hires, they were given a tour and introduced to everyone. Jerry was introduced to me like everyone else. We met, I thought he was cute, but thought nothing more of him because I was in a long term relationship at the time. Fast forward a year to when I was studying for the pharmacy entrance exam. One of the pharmacist mentioned Jerry was also studying for the same test and suggested we study together. (Jerry worked in another part of the building so we hadn’t even really had a full conversation together, much less know that we had the exam in common.) We took his advice and set up a few study sessions at our local Barnes and Noble. We got to know each other and I learned he had gotten out of a long term relationship around the same time I had months before this. After a couple months studying, and actually talking at work, we got to know each other and the rest is history :)

how they asked

The week leading up to the proposal, I had been in bed sick for 3 days from a bad reaction to a immunization I received. I knew I had to get better as soon as possible because we were going on family vacation with his family to a beach house about an hour away from our home. Saturday came, the day to leave for vacation, and I was still sick in bed. Apparently, Jerry was running last minute errands for the engagement (I was told he was at the gym then playing a game of basketball afterwards with his friends- which is common on the weekend) so my mom came over to my house to check up on me. With my mom and I being best friends, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to offer to do my hair for me, offered paint my nails for me while I laid in bed, and encouraged me to put make up on saying ‘if you look good, you’ll feel good’.

We drove to the beach house, and thankfully during the drive I took medication to help calm my nausea and ate some soup. We finally got to the beach house, but Jerry said I couldn’t go in yet because we were too early before the time they would let us in, so he had an idea to walk on the beach while we waited. There was a beach access right alongside the house, so we headed that way. With Jerry behind me, I was walking and realized our house had flower decorations, heart balloons and roses on the boardwalk leading to the beach. Then it hit me and I figured out what was happening, I instantly started balling and all I could figure to say was ‘Jerry, what’s this??’ already knowing exactly what it was. It was when I walked down the boardwalk and he started talking to me (as I was bawling my eyes out) that all my family, his family and my best from from DC was standing on the deck of the beach house. He asked me to marry him with everyone with love watching, and we got to celebrate the rest of the day on a beautiful beach and my sickness went away.

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