Alexandra and Jason

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How We Met

Overwhelmed and filled with hope as we saw one another drift across a dimmed room full of Latin sounds and heavy vibrations. Our energy attracted one another, as we smiled.

Yes, that’s right. Our gazes fell upon one another in a sweaty Latin lounge in a crowded room.

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We laugh at the story now, always knowing it was the best night of our lives. After a sexy side eye and a laughable wink, we approached one another and agreed to a dance. We danced one song and parted off for a drink.

At that moment, we didn’t take a sip of our drinks and we didn’t stop smiling; ear to ear.

After many words exchanged, sleepless nights and heart pulsing adventures to see one another many hours away, our love story began. We continue to grow for us, push one another for us, and above all do our best to create our happiness together.

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how they asked

I drove to my house after running errands in St. Petersburg, FL and was surprised to see my best friends, Ashley Zalkin and Melanie O’neill. I shouted, “What are you guys BOTH doing here?!”

“We made you a belated birthday scavenger hunt but we don’t have much time. Go now!!” #bestBFFsever

I rushed, stumbled and landed a ticket to Colorado hidden in a suitcase. GIRLS TRIP!!!


Jason paid for the ticket and asked my job to create a fake schedule for me. #manoftheyear. I called him to thank him and yelled, “You’re the best BOYFRIEND ever!”

We finally arrived in Denver, Colorado and we walked into a romantic two-story home surrounded by stars and dreamy white snow. I threw my bags into my room and heard the girls scurry downstairs. I ran after them and saw Jason. PAUSE. I was shocked and confused.

I twirled around the room and thought to myself, “All my friends are here. This is gonna be the best trip ever!” Little did I know what was going to happen next…

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Jason stood there and looked nervous in front of a cozy fireplace and lit candles around the room. He walked towards me and shared his love for us and…got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

That night I fell head over heels for him like every other night before and you’ve got it…I said yes. #idoduran

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Special Thanks

Melanie Oneill
 | Planning
Ashley Zalkin
 | Planning
Paul kaleka
 | Planning